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Irwin Lodge at Crested Butte Wet Behind the Ears in Paradise Sandy Fails Dec-89 31
Irwin Lodge, Colorado profile Wet Behind the Ears in Paradise Sandy Fails Dec-89 31
Reichhelm, Kim/Women's Ski Programs Ski More Aggressively Sandy Fails Jan/Feb 91 38
Mogul skis instruction Absorption and extension in skiing moguls Three steps to beating bumps Bradford Fayfield Sept. 97 194 Instruction/In-Sync
Children's Skiwear: Winners for '96 Nordica, Fera, Samii Skiwear For Kids Lisa Feinberg Dec-95 190 Skiwear Design Awards
Clothing: Performance & comfort Outdoor Retailer Show clothes, 1995 Cool Clothes for Hot Spots Lisa Feinberg Summer 96 62
Fashion, skiwear from 1900s Town & Country, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue The Evolution of Style Lisa Feinberg Jan-96 72
Fashion: Mix & Matching for one outfit Sidebar; Build Seven looks Four Basic Pieces Lisa Feinberg Sep-95 208 Skiwear Design Awards
Fashion: Trendsetters Category '95 Nils, Colmar, Vuarnet Setting Skiwear Trends Lisa Feinberg Sep-95 206 Skiwear Design Awards
Fleecewear: Skiwear Design Awards '95 Sunbuster, Head, Tsunami Go Anywhere Skiwear Lisa Feinberg Jan-96 111 Skiwear Design Awards
In-line skating instruction fitness Use T-stops for Control At High Speeds Lisa Feinberg Jul/Aug 92 21
Most Versatile Skiwear Winners '95 M. Miller, Sondre, Lundstrom Go Anywhere Skiwear Lisa Feinberg Jan-96 111 Skiwear Design Awards
Snowboard Clothing: 96 Design Winners Killer Loop, Kurvz, Adrnaline Riding In Style Lisa Feinberg Dec-95 188 Skiwear Design Awards
In-Line Skating for proper ski technique Carving, balance, hand positioning A Path to Better skiing Lisa Feinberg Densmore Sept. 96 207
In-Line Skating: Arm positioning two-arm swing, one-arm swing Arm Yourself to Stride Right Lisa Feinberg Densmore Spring 96 93 Follow Me
In-Line Skating: Jumping A Curb Instruction How To Jump A Curb Lisa Feinberg Densmore Spring 95 47 Follow Me
In-line Skating: Skating Backward Tips Instruction Use Inside Edges to Skate Backward Lisa Feinberg Densmore Sep-95 194 Follow Me
In-Line Skating: Uphill by Downshifting Instruction Skate Uphill By Downshifting Lisa Feinberg Densmore Summer 95 32 Follow Me
Avalanche budget cuts affect safety U.S. Forest Service sets budgets Cutting Safety From the Budget Deborah Ferber Nov. 96 30 Mountain Living
Hiking Downhill Instruction Tips for Downhill Hiking Michael Fishbach Aug-89 13 Follow Me
Exercise-induced asthma: Bronchial passages in the lungs constrict, or narrow, making it harder for air to flow in and out lungs When skiing takes your breath away Susan Fiske Dec-97 165 Health and Nutrition
Muscle soreness treatments Prevention & treatment of skiers' aches The Morning After Susan Fiske Dec. 96 185
Exercise: Running through the trees Conditioning: Slalom Through the Trees Pam Fletcher Oct-96 144 Follow Me
Exercises, ski conditioning, in the gym Treadmill, stairmaster, 30-min. workouts Make the Most of Your Gym Pam Fletcher Sep-95 199
Exercising: Side step examples Lateral training, balance techniques Side Step to Strength Pam Fletcher Dec. 96 175
Stretching on mountain To be truly ready that first run, do these 3 stretches Pam Fletcher Oct. 97 158 Follow Me
Local events in the Adirondack region Adirondack Regional Tourism Council Finding The Real Adirondacks Elizabeth Folwell Summer 97 53 Culture
Snowboarding by older people Snowboarding: The Next Generation Martin Forstenzer Dec-93 64
Instruction Follow the Leader to Improve Reactions Ellen Foster Mar/Apr 91 33 Follow Me
North Carolina Northwest Mts. Escape to the Mountains Bruce Franks July/Aug 91 59
Snowboarding: similarity to freestyle skiing Freestyle skiing in the 1970s The Seventies Part Deux Randy Fraser Oct. 97 69 The Scene
Snowboards: The best carving freeride boards will cut the corduroy with elegance and authority Boards for the cord Randy Fraser Nov-97 160 Buying Guide
Snowboards: The Best in Boards Snowboard Buying Guide Randy Fraser Nov-97 152- Buying Guide
Snowboards: From Hardpack to powder, the best freeride boards deliver versatility Put the Mountain at your feet Randy Fraser Nov-97 154-157 Buying Guide
Snowboards: Step in systems deliver unrivaled connection between rider and board The next step in performance Randy Fraser Nov-97 166 Buying Guide
Cold Cures Bewildering Cures for the Common Cold John Frederick Jan/FEb 93 112 Ahead of Their Time
Earmuffs invention The Man Who Invented Earmuffs John Frederick Oct-90 128 Ahead Of Their Time
Gearing up for the great outdoors: Winter Runners Does it work? James Fredericks Dec-97 197 Gear
Book Review: WomenSki Women On The Edge Debbie Frieze Nov-94 218 Armchair Mountaineer
Book Review: Ski The Rockies Peter Shelton, author Rockies Shots Debbie Frieze Mar-95 85 Armchair Mountaineer
Climbing Himalayas: Book Review Surfing the Himalayas by Dr. F. Lenz Rider Religion Debbie Frieze Nov-95 168 Armchair Mountaineer
Feldenkrais Method for ski technique Instruction Whole Body Skiing Debbie Frieze Mar-95 70
Fletcher, Alan Profile Nashoba Valley Ski Resort Nashoba Magic Deborah Frieze Oct-94 196
Jewish Ski Week at Big Sky, Montana SJF Seeks SJM Debbie Frieze Oct-96 65
Kancamagus Ski Area Profile, Ropetow New Hampshire Yankee Ropetow Debbie Frieze Sep-94 234
Kennedy, Layne Ice Photo Portfolio Photography Fleeting Sculptures Debbie Frieze Dec-94 127 Photo Portfolio
Mogul Skiing: Video Review Smart Mogul Skiing: Canad Freestyle Team Smart And Simple Debbie Frieze Nov-95 168 Armchair Mountaineer
Movie Review: P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape Greg Stump Movie P-Tex A Success Debbie Frieze Dec-94 165 Armchair Mountaineer
River Rafting: The Kennebec, Maine Profile Five Rivers That Rate Debbie Frieze Spring 95 67
Longboard skiing in Sierra Nevada California, History of Skiing Return of the Longboards Robert Frohlich Oct-94 64