Snow Country Index

Subject Subject 2 Title Author First Name Author Last Name Date Page Department
Basketmaker in New Hampshire Newton Washburn Bicultural Baskets Tom Eastman Oct-94 173 S C Store
Bicycling-clipless pedal Eric Sampson profile A Hot New Clipless Pedal Susan Eastman Jun-89 42
Bicycling equipment What's New In Mt. Bikes Susan Eastman April/May 90 72
Bird Houses Building A Better Birdhouse Tom Eastman Jan-90 91 S C Store
Canoe Maker Lapstrake Canoes Tom Eastman Jun/July 90 92 S C Store
Hannes Schneider profile Hannes Schneider Tom Eastman Feb-89 96 Ahead of Their Time
McCarthy, Cormic-entertainer profile Tom Eastman Dec-92 86
New Hampshire-Mt. Washington Vly Byway Tom Eastman May/June 92 34 Scenic Byway
Painter/Sculpture Paintings on Sculpture Tom Eastman May/June 91 91 S C Store
Pottery maker in N.H, former Olympian A Feeling for Clay Tom Eastman Dec-93 138 S C Store
Printmakers in New Hampshire Denise & Christopher Morse White Mountain Landscapes Tom Eastman Dec-94 177 S C Store
Thule Roof Rack Tom Eastman Nov-92 154 Does It Work
Gore, Sir St. George Lord Elizabeth Eber Dec-91 130 Ahead of Their Time
Cults, ski, at various resorts Aspen, Jackson Hole Bobs, Dogs And Valkyries Bruce Edgerly Jan-95 46
Haute Route profile, skiing in Europe extreme skiing in France Haute Route Honeymoon Bruce Edgerly Jan. 97 57
Moe, Tommy, Whitewater Rafting Trips Talkeetna River, Alaska Tommy Moe's Rapid Life Bruce Edgerly Spring 95 63
Rafting Bryson City, N.C. River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 31 Travel Guide
Rafting Coloma, California River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 32 Travel Guide
Rafting Durango, Colorado; Animas River River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 32 Travel Guide
Rafting Fayetteville, W.V.; New, Gauley rivers River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 34 Travel Guide
Rafting Grand Canyon's Colorado River; the Grand The Ultimate River Ride Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 32 Travel Guide Sidebar
Rafting Kernville, California; Kern River River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 34 Travel Guide
Rafting Leavenworth, WA; Wenatchee, Methow river River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 34 Travel Guide
Rafting Salida, Colorado; the "Ark" River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 32 Travel Guide
Rafting Stanley, Idaho; Salmon River River Rat Towns Bruce Edgerly Spring 97 34 Travel Guide
Snowshoeing instruction Riding the tails, glissading, poling Three Downhill Techniques Sally Edwards Jan. 97 88 Follow Me
Instruction Strong Body Position, Strong Edge Control Dan Egan Oct-92 33 Follow Me
Jumping safely during skiing How To Take Big Air, Safely Dan Egan Mar/April 93 44 Follow Me
Methow Valley, Washington profile Deep, Dry Secret Tim Egan Jan/Feb 93 80
Poles, skiing without instruction Ski Without Poles to Develop Better Balance Dan Egan Oct-93 28 Follow Me
Bicycling, Hut-to-Hut-San Juan Mts. San Juan Mountains Mountain Beauty in Motion Bill Ellzey Aug-90 20
Photography, Polarizing Instruction Capture Autumn Colors with a Polarizer Bill Ellzey Sep-92 18 Follow Me
Exercising with plywood board improve balance Conditioning: Practice on one Board Nathan Emerson Sept. 96 204 Follow Me
Instruction: downhill edging Reaching/pole planting for edge control Reach for Better Edging Nathan Emerson Mar-96 96 Follow Me
Instruction-turning Practice Trough Turns With Mental Moguls Annie Emich Black Aug-89 91 Follow Me
Home: Searching for a place to live Jay & Svea Emmer: Idaho's Wood River New Home In The Rockies Jay Emmer Dec-95 48
Log Home Builder profile Steve Cappelucci Dream Log Home Mary Emmerling Mar-89 44
Log Homes Log Home Builder-S. Cappelucci Dream Log Homes Mary Emmerling Mar-89 44
Freestyle Skiing Instruction Get Started in Freestyle Hilary Engisch Mar-88 38 Follow Me
British view of American Ski Resorts Eating at resorts Has American Skiing Lost Its Romance? David English Nov-94 49
Extreme Skiing at Valdez, Alaska Chugach Mt. Range Where There's No Out-Of-Bounds John Erben M/A 94 61
Instruction-alpine skiing Develop a Classic Style Stein Eriksen Sep-88 22 Follow Me
Photography, B & W, Ski Champions Klammer,Heuga,McKinney,Lawrence,Mahres Gallery of Champions Marion Ettlinger Jan/Feb 94 66
Mark Fawcett, North America's top hope for snow boarding gold. Nomadic Champion Eyes Nagano Steve Eubanks Dec-97 67 Profile
Breakthrough carve skis instruction Technique to make the most of carve skis: 4 Carve your way to strong, stable, superior skiing Jay Evans Oct. 97 116 Instruction/In-Sync
Expert carve skis instruction Turning fundamentals to carve down any slope Carving is the key to skiing any terrain Jay Evans Oct. 97 130 Instruction/In-Sync
Feet positioning for turning Alpine skiing instruction Develop Quick Feet On The Flats Jay Evans Jan-96 95 Follow Me
Race carve skis instruction Countering, looking ahead, attacking the hill Make smooth, seamless race ski turns Jay Evans Oct. 97 138 Instruction/In-Sync
Ski Turn Instruction: Carving on 1 leg Alpine Skiing Learn To Carve On One Leg Jay Evans Oct-95 161 Follow Me
Bicycling: Chequamegon Fat Tire Race Hayward, Wisconsin Making of a Racer Charles Ewals Spring 95 76