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Pool built in Aspen on BLM property Simons brothers promise to bulldoze pool Pool party..not Hal Clifford Sept. 97 25 Mountain Living
Road Trips Door to Door;TravRoute Softwr Addresses in the U.S.:all recognized Travel Guides on CD-ROM Hal Clifford Summer 97 77 Armchair Mountaineer
Ski Hit and Run Reward, Inc.: new non-profit Snowmass-based nonprofit rewards tipsters Good deed dollars Hal Clifford Sept. 97 28 Mountain Living
Exercise, tension release Relieve Tension Three Ways Ruth Clogston Mar/April 91 32 Follow Me
Children/Family Skiing A Real Family Sport Fred Clough Jan-90 42
Family skiing A Real Family Sport Fred Clough Jan-90 42
Retail--August ski sales ski sales On Sale in August Fred Clough Aug-89 70
College racing programs Schools Ski Racing in College Eleanor Coburn May/June 93 28
Children Skiing Instruction Use A Ski Pole to Teach Children Linda Cochran Kelly Nov-92 32 Follow Me
Bicycling A New Kind of Race Bill Cockroft Oct-88 84
Mammoth Mt. bicycling A New Kind of Race Bill Cockroft Oct-88 84
Art Paintings of skiing Earliest Portrait of American Skiing Stan Cohen May-89 96 Ahead of Their Time
Backpacking with llamas Peter Nichols, Steamboat Springs Let a Llama Lug the Load Steve Cohen Jul-89 84
Climbing at White Mountains, N.H. New Hampshire White Mountains Up Against the Wall Bob Cohen May/June 93 58
Clothing-Niki LeClair Designs Fashion Custom Skiwear Steve Cohen Dec-89 104 S C Store
Painting of skiing Earliest Portrait of American Skiing Stan Cohen May-89 96 Ahead of Their Time
Skiwear-Niki Sportswear Steve Cohen Dec-89 104 S C Store
Avalanche Specialist Knox Williams Profile of snow-slide forecaster High Priest of Avalanche Price Coleman Nov-95 71
Kayaking: Whitewater rodeo profile Whitewater Rodeo: Olympic Aspirations Price Coleman Summer 96 16 Mountain Living
Golf & skiing movement similarities How Golf Resembles Skiing Bruce Colon June/July 90 33 Follow Me
Instruction-skiing safety Skiing Safely Through A Crowd Michael Commins April/May 90 30 Follow Me
Male Body: Book review The Male Body: An Owner's Manuel Under The Skin Maureen Connelly Jan. 97 114 Armchair Mountaineer
Instruction for super-steep terrain Overcome Instinct by Leaning Away Doug Coombs Jan/Feb 94 28 Follow Me
New Mexico Scenic Drive Taos, Red River High Roads High Spirits Sara Corbett Summer 96 52 Scenic Byway
Santa Fe at Christmas New Mexico Christmas At Santa Fe Sara Corbett Dec-95 77
Taos: Profile of Chilton Anderson Renaissance Rancher; Music Director The Renaissance Rancher of Taos Sara Corbett Summer 96 25
Cork-cartoons, mt. life page Cork Nov. 93 15 Mountain Life
Bicycling: Book Review Mountain Bike Emergency Repair Quick Bike Fix Alan Cote Sep-95 203 Armchair Mountaineer
Bicycling: Climbing, pedaling instrction Pat McIlvane Lower Shoulders to Climb Efficiently Alan Cote J/A 94 27 Follow Me
Bicycling: Dirt Camp, Crested Butte Mountain bike clinic in Colorado Pedaling With Pros Alan Cote Sum 95 78
Bicycling: mt. biking cornering Instruction tip by John Weissenrieder Corner With The Feet Alan Cote Spring 96 94 Follow Me
Mountain bikes: Intermediate/advance x-c Downhill-specific bike: Cannondale How much bike do you need? Alan Cote Summer 97 64 Mountain Biking Special
Aspen's Anderson Ranch A Mountain Refudge Nancy Coulter-Parker Spring/Summer 98 73 Mountain Travel Guide
Colorado's wildflower, Crested Butte Petal to the Top Nancy Coulter-Parker Spring/Summer 98 75 Mountain Travel Guide
Hiking in the Canadian Rockies A Remote Mountain Getaway Nancy Coulter-Parker Spring/Summer 98 74 Mountain Travel Guide
Ischgl, Austria map; how to get there Map; where to stay, restaurants Inside Ischgl Jay Cowan Oct. 97 44 European Resorts Sidebar
Ischgl, Austria; Swiss & Austrian borders European ski resorts Ischgl, an unsung alpine jewel Jay Cowan Oct. 97 43 European Resorts
Powder skiing instruction Skiing Deep Powder Jay Cowan Jan/Feb 92 52
Powder Techniques/Instruction Skiing Deep Snow Jay Cowan Jan/Feb 92 52
Scenic Byway Alaska Highway Jay Cowan May/June 92 37
Skiing in Montana: Big Sky equals uncrowed slopes, endless terrain and big vertical Sky's the Limit Jay Cowan Nov-97 75 Feature
Hall, Ross: B & W Photo Portfolio Photography Snow Ghosts Amanda Cowley Sep-94 53 Photo Portfolio
Flat Tops Scenic Byway, Colorado Roger Cox May/June 92 41 Scenic Byway
Igloo building in Quebec Building An Igloo Roger Cox Nov. 93 39
In-Line skates brake review Active Brake Technology Better Braking Stuart Craig Sep-94 20 Does It Work
Book Review: Snowboarder's Start-Up Author: Doug Werner Snowboarding by the Book Lee Crane Oct-94 161 Armchair Mountaineer
Brighton-Top Snowboarding Resorts Phat 5 Lee Crane Sep-94 191
Computer Internet: On-line Services Usenet, World Wide Web Skier's Guide To Cyberspace Lee Crane Sep-95 49
Jackson Hole-Top 5 snowboarding resorts snowboarding Phat 5 Lee Crane Sep-94 189
Mt. Baker, Wash.-Top Snowboarding Resort Snowboarding Phat 5 Lee Crane Sep-94 190