Race Results

Olympic, World Cup and World Championship race results

The most extensive database on race results is the FIS website, with results lists (not just medalists) for Olympic and FIS World Championships going back to 1924 (nordic events) and 1931 (alpine events). A listing for 1901 events is spurious. This database is fully searchable: just use the drop-down menus to select the discipline and year of the race you want to find.

Matteo Pacor has compiled an accurate database of alpine race results back to the 1936 Olympic games. The primary database is for World Cup results, back to the founding of the series in 1967. For more results, click on the Olympic Games or World Championships links. For now, the databases list Olympic medalists only before 1956, and World Championship medalists only before 1950, with complete results thereafter. Matteo is in the process of compiling complete results for the earlier races. You do not need to subscribe to his website to view the results.

Racing Results