Index of American/Eastern Ski Annual, 1934-61

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In Search of Our Best Customer by Daniel Hatch, Jr. pg.5
On Jumping by Leif Nashe pg.9
Skiing America First by Veida Morrow pg.11
Some Ski Centers of the Alps by Thomas Cabot pg.26
O Say Can You Ski? By "Eleazar" pg.31
Downhill Only by Alexander Bright pg.32
Skis and Edges for Downhill Skiing by C.G. Suits pg.35
Ski Hil Design by Godfrey Dewey pg.44
The High Speed Turn by Otto Schniebs and John McCrillis pg.55
Skoki Wax pg.56
The Coming Winter Olympics by Charles Dudley pg.57
Pine Needle Skiing by Nehry Mahoney pg.60
Snow for Skiing in New Hampshire by Robert Stone pg.62
Designed for Skiing by Sidney Shurcliff pg.70
Springtime Log of a White Mountain Ski Runner by Henry Ives Baldwin pg.73
Pre Season Instruction for Recreational Skiing by Park Carpenter pg.75
An Improvised Rescue Toboggan by Greenough Abbe pg.92
European Trends in Skis, Equipment, and Clothing by Charles Dudley pg.95
Interscholastic Skiing by Roger Langley pg.98
From the President’s Office by Dr. R.S. Elmer pg.100
Editorial Comments by Nathaniel Goodrich pg.103
Notes pg.110
Ski Trail Notes pg.115
Results of Competitions pg.122
Member Clubs and Accredited Judges pg.154
Officers and Report of Annual Meeting pg.159

As It Seems to the Northwest - Fred H. McNeil pg.5
The National Downhill Championships - Charles N. Proctor pg.10
An F.I.S. Story - Roland Palmedo ... pg.19
More F.I.S.- The Men’s Races - James A. Lowell ... pg.32
The Olympic Ski Team - Joel H. Hildebrand ... pg.39
These Amateurs - Charles M. Dudley... pg.42
The Ski Terrain of the Sierra Nevada - Bestor Robinson... pg.47
Skiing in the Yosemite - Don and Mary Tressider... pg.54
The Theory of Ski Jumping - F. Martin Brown... pg.58
Hints for Junior Ski Jumpers - Bertel N. Paaske... pg.64
Ski-Scraping Mt. Baker - Ben Thompson .. pg.68
From Roses to Skis - Boyd French... pg.75
A New Ski Country - Fritz Hagist... pg.78
Notes on Waxing - Oscar Pennyfeather.... pg.80
Skiing in Colorado - Frank M. Ashley... pg.83
So-Los! - Christine L. Reid.... pg.87
Skiing in Private Schools - Wayne Davis ... pg.92
New York Learns to Ski - Harry W. Hicks.. pg.103
Ski Heil to the Berkshires, Massachusetts - Bartlett Hendricks .... pg.111
Green Mountain Skiing - Narada Coomara ... pg.121
Northwest Step-Taking Department - Ken Binns ... pg.124
Let’s Have a Race - Douglas M. Burckett... pg.127
Ski Test Modifications - Joel H. Hildebrand... pg.135
On Equipment - Alexander H. Bright... pg.139
Editorials - Nathaniel L. Goodrich.. pg.147
Notes and News... pg.155
Reports from Associations ... pg.164
Results of Competitions... pg.179
Officers and Member Clubs... pg.189

American Skiers at the Olympics, Women- by Alice D. Wolfe pg.7
European Competitions by Edgar Hunter Jr. and Warren Chivers pg.16
A Letter to the Editor by Arnold Lunn- American Skiers at the
Olympics pg.22
Ski Jumping by Roy Mikkelsen with John Johansen pg.24
Mountaineering on Skis by H.B. Burton pg.29
Modern Downhill Technique by Sigmund Weiss pg.34
New York Thinks It Can Ski by Eugene DuBois pg.37
Racing for Women by Helen Boughton-Leigh pg.41
Ski Safety Inquiry- Ski Accidents by Charles M. Dole, Chairman pg.46
American Skiers at the Olympics, Men by Joel Hildebrand pg.57
Hiel Otto! (Schniebs) by David Bradley pg.62
Above Timber- Skiing in the Canadian Rockies by Brian Meredith pg.68
Ski Jumping and Cross Country- The Condition of Both in the US
by Roger Langley pg.74
The Theory of Ski Jumping by F. Martin Brown pg.79
Skiing Mt. Auburn, Boston, Mass. by Marion Hooper pg.84
Su-Ki! ("Track") by Dorothy Hall Stillman pg.87
First Aid by De Witt Hendee Smith, MD pg.92
Southward Ho! By Roland Palmedo pg.107
Colorado Skiing by Frank Ashley pg.110
Community Organization by H.W. Hicks pg.114
Olympic Jumping and Cross Country by Roger Langley pg.124
Portland’s Midsummer Tournament by Boyd French pg.127
Ski Ascent in Colorado by John Everett Dodge pg.132
"Away Back Yonder" Ski History, Early Skiing by Harold Grinden pg.136
Olympic Impressions of a Dub by Ralph E. Miller pg.141
Summer Skiing in the Tetons by Jack Durrance, Wyoming pg.144
Editorials by Nathaniel Goodrich pg.147
Reviews by Nathaniel Goodrich pg.151
Ski-Waxes by F. Martin Brown pg.153
Sun Valley, Idaho by Charles N. Proctor pg.154
Figure Skiing by Newt Tolman pg.156
That Ski Tramway at Dartmouth pg.158
Skiing in California by Don Tresidder pg.159
Review of Eastern Season by Frank Elkins pg.161
Skiing on Mt. Lassen by Albert Wahl pg.162
Bindings and Safety by Alexander Bright, Equipment pg.164
Ski Museum at Dartmouth by William Rotch pg.166
Happy Landings by Roland Palmedo pg.167
Avalanches in Tuckerman, New Hampshire by Joe Dodge pg.168
Cross Country Racing by Harry Hicks pg.170
Reports from the Associations pg.173
Results of Competitions
National Jumping Tournament- Red Wing, Minn. pg.183
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. Championship Meet
Brattleboro, Vt. pg.184
Central US Ski Assoc. Jumping Championships Canton, S.D. pg.185
US Western Ski Assoc. Jumping Tournament, Salt Lake City pg.185
Pacific Northwestern Ski Assoc. Jumping Championships,
Seattle pg.186
Downhill Championships- Cascade Ski Club, Oregon pg.187
California Ski Assoc. Championships, Lake Tahoe pg.188
Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Championships, Yosemite
Nat’l Park pg.189
Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Union Championship Meet
Hanover, N.H. pg.190
Eastern Interscholastic Championships- Lebanon, N.H. pg.191
Officers and Member Clubs pg.192

Ecker Hill and Sun Valley by Ken Binnus pg.7
Our Amateur Rules by Roger Langley pg.15
The 1937 Women’s Team by Elizabeth Woolsey pg.19
Fifty Years at Ishpeming by James Flaa pg.22
Skiing in New Zealand by James Laughlin IV pg.26
South for Snow by David J. Bradley pg.30
Junior Skiing by Lawrence Briggs pg.47
The Relative Antiquity of Skiing in the Adirondacks by Henry Baldwin pg.58
Esquiadores Yanquis by Eugene DuBois pg.64
A Worthwhile Experiment- US Eastern Amateur Ski Association
by Dr. R.S. Elmer pg.71
Ski and Winter Photography by Orville Borgersen pg.76
An Aspen Tour by Frank Ashley pg.79
Let’s Aspen by F. Martin Brown pg.82
Giant Slalom by Robert Livermore, Jr. pg.84
Ganchos De Nieve by Graeme McGowan pg.87
US Teams in International Competition by Roland Palmedo pg.96
Timing (Racing) by D.M. Burckett pg.99
S.A.S. (Spirit of American Skiing) by David J. Bradley pg.115
As It Seemed to the Swiss pg.120
Skiing Accidents and First Aid by DeWitt Hendee Smith pg.124
More Ski History by Harold Grinden pg.127
Here Is Maine by Max Wheildon pg.130
New Skiing Country in Western Canada by Georg von Lilienfeld pg.133
A Ski Master- Benno Rybizka by Tyler Micoleau pg.136
Reviewing the 1936-37 Season by Frank Elkins pg.144
Editorials by Nathaniel Goodrich pg.150
Books and Periodicals by Nathaniel Goodrich pg.153
Berkshire Developments by Bartlett Hendricks pg.155
Ground-Floor Skiing by F.D. Foster pg.155
Let’s Ski for Fun by Lowell Thomas pg.157
Dan Hatch by David J. Bradley pg.159
Ski Patrols by Charles M. Dole pg.160
The National and Its Divisions pg.163
National Ski Assoc. of America pg.163
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.176
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.187
US Western Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.193
California Ski Assoc. pg.200
Pacific Northwestern Ski Assoc., Inc. pg.207
Member Clubs pg.217

Stormy Horizons by Roland Palmedo pg.7
Whither the Amateur by Alice Damrosch Wolfe pg.15
Mr. Pennyfeather on Sliding by Donald Moffat pg.19
National Championships in Vermont by Roger Langley pg.22
As the Racer Sees It by Joan Hinton pg.28
East and West (Skiing Conditions) by Ted Coomara pg.30
California Pioneers on Skis (Early History) by David Mills pg.35
US Men’s Team at FIS by George Page, Competition pg.45
American Women’s Team, 1938 by Alice Damrosch Wolfe pg.50
Winter in August by Adams Carter pg.62
The Jolly Bavarians by Eugene DuBois pg.67
Skiing in Jasper Park by Al Morgan pg.72
Where Are We Jumping To? by Arthur Barth pg.78
Camping on Sierra Crest by Bestor Robinson pg.82
National Ski Patrol by Charles Minot Dole pg.87
So You’re Skiing In Chile by David Judson pg.91
Teaching Them Young by Ford and Peggy Sayre pg.96
Junior Ski Developments by Lawrence Briggs pg.100
Cross Country Skiing by Harry Hicks pg.109
Skiing in National Forests by Robert Monahan pg.123
Skis on Alaska by Dorrach Crookes pg.131
Reviewing 1937-38 Season by Frank Elkins pg.134
Editorial and Notes
A Letter to the Editor by Arnold Lunn pg.145
Certification of Ski Teachers by Ford Sayre pg.146
Sanity in Competition by Otto Schniebs pg.148
Scoring Ski Jumping by Charles A. Proctor pg.150
Ski Map Standardization by Ken Littlefield pg.153
Accident Benefit Plan by Lester Peterson pg.157
The National and Its Divisions pg.159
Member Clubs pg.225
Ski Areas in the United States pg.233

Paul Bietila by Arthur Barth pg.7
The Present Status of Skiing in America by Roger Langley pg.9
European Saga- 1939 by David Bradley pg.14
Ski-Lagom—Just We Homefolks by Fred McNeil pg.29
"Firsts" by Delphine Carpenter pg.33
The National Ski Patrol by Charles Minot Dole pg.41
They Always Come Back by D.S. Rowles pg.46
Four Months in Norway by Merrill Barber pg.51
The Lure of the North by Ted Coomara pg.56
Controlled Ski Movies by Rollin Barrett and Lawrence Briggs pg.62
Our Ski Trophies by Roland Palmedo pg.68
Smith College "Shees" by Harriette Aull pg.72
Reflections On Our American Tour by Elsa Roth (Switzerland) pg.78
Junior Progress by Lawrence Briggs pg.82
Skiing With the Kids in the Eastern Slope Region 
by Chester Emerson pg.89
Junior Skiing for Girls by Neale Howard pg.93
Tout Pour Le Sport by Brian Meredith pg.96
Downhill Racing on Trial by J.H. Hildebrand pg.98
Editorial and Notes pg.101
A Letter from President Langley pg.101
Editorial Jottings pg.102
Binding Safety (Equipment) pg.104
National Ski Patrol pg.105
The National and Its Divisions pg.110
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.127
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.150
Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.159
California Ski Assoc. pg.176
Pacific Northwest Ski Assoc. pg.188
Member Clubs and Officers pg.215

Twilight and Frost by David Bradley pg.7
Skiing in Kashmir pg.21
Marginal Skiing by Harold Leich pg.26
Women’s Racing- 1940 by Elizabeth Woolsey pg.33
Death of Sigurd Hall by Fred McNeil pg.38
Letters From Abroad pg.49
Easterners Report on the West by Frank Elkins pg.62
Jump, Son, Jump by Robert Billings pg.71
St. Moritz Ski Technique by Hans Georg pg.81
Alaskan Fur Rendezvous by I.G Frederick pg.85
The Downhill Race by Roger Langley pg.90
Editorial and Notes pg.105
The National and Its Divisions pg.115
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.151
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.161
Southern Rocky Mtn. Ski Assoc. pg.172
Intermountain Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.191
Northern Rocky Mtn. Ski Assoc. pg.202
California Ski Assoc. pg.216
Pacific Northwest Ski Assoc. pg.233
Member Clubs pg.249

Skiing and National Defense by Fred McNeil pg.5
This Is the North by Ted Coomara pg.22
The First American Downhill Race by Kenneth Cuddeback pg.26
American Memorie by Arnold Lunn pg.31
Translations from "Ski Fibel" by Herbert Brucker and Roland Palmedo pg.40
Science Looks at Skiing by C.G. Suits pg.46
Ski Patrol- US Army by Harold Sorensen pg.51
Diplomatic Doc by John Hooper pg.56
A Plea for Huts in America by James Laughlin pg.61
Crystalline Empire- Colorado and Switzerland Dimensions
By Roland Palmedo pg.66
Skiing in the National Parks by Fanning Hearon pg.69
The Porcupines by H.C. Bradley pg.87
The Viking Spirit of Camp "Little Norway" by Julius Blegen pg.92
Trends in Ski Equipment by H.S. Cady pg.96
Apparel- Fashion, Skiwear by Catherine Cleary Roberts pg.100
Editorial and Notes pg.103
The National and Its Divisions pg.107
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.139
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.155
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.169
Intermountain Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.180
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.194
California Ski Assoc. pg.204
Pacific Northwest Ski Assoc. pg.224
National Champions pg.246
Member Clubs pg.248

Of Mules and Skis by Charles McLane pg.21
Ski Union of the Americas by Roland Palmedo pg.35
The President and Aide go Travelling by C.M. Dole pg.42
Slalom Versus Downhill by Roland Palmedo pg.51
As Sigmund Planned It by David Bradley pg.58
Visit of the South American Skiers- 1942 by L. Wurzburg pg.66
Skiing—East and West by Benno Rybizka pg.73
American Ski Trophy Award by Dr. Harold Bradley pg.78
Women’s Racing- 1942 Season by Betty Woolsey pg.84
Modern Joust by Dave Archie pg.89
Ski Parachute Troops by James Laughlin IV pg.94
A Ski Trip to Chile by a Panagra Plane by Dr. Joel Hildebrand pg.97
Skiing and the War by Fred McNeil pg.99
Two Pictures from Norway (Before and After the Nazis), Anonymous pg.102
Editorial and Notes pg.104
The National and Its Divisions pg.111
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.122
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.136
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.146
Intermountain Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.152
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.161
Pacific Northwest Ski Assoc. pg.166
California Ski Assoc. pg.182
National Champions pg.198
Member Clubs pg.202

Young Man of the Mountains by J.C. O’Donnell pg.25
The Invasion of Kiska by T/ 5 R. Brooke Ricker pg.31
A Mountain Soldier Sings by Lt. Charles Bradley pg.37
GI Skiing by Frank Elkins pg.49
Let’s Get Together by Lt. (j.g.) John Holden, USNR pg.52
On Cooper Hill by S/ Sgt. Edwin Gibson pg.60
Children on Skis by Hannes Schneider pg.62
The National’s Birthday Party at Ishpeming by Arthur Barth pg.65
The President and Aide Go Travelling- Part II 
by "Minnie" Dole pg.73
Who’s to Carry On? By Lt. Stephen Bradley pg.82
The Woman Of It by Ethel Severson Van Degrift pg.88
Administration of Skiing Areas- By Whom? How Much?
by William Kamp pg.93
Search Mission by Ronald Mackenzie pg.97
Safer Skiing by Dr. Frank Howard pg.100
1943-44 Canadian Report by H.P. Douglas pg.104
Editorial Notes and Letters pg.108
National and Its Divisions pg.115
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.142
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.174
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.185
Intermountain Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.196
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.216
Pacific Northwestern Ski Assoc. pg.224
California Ski Assoc. pg.237
Member Clubs pg.255

Frontispiece by Larry Rauch
Doughnuts to Doughnuts with the Mountain Troops by Arthur Draper pg.35
The Tenth Says Goodbye- Editorial from the Blizzard pg.47
Tenth Division’s Roll of Honor- From the Blizzard pg.48
The American Special Mountain Training Detachment
By Harold Sorensen pg.54
Grossglockner Race, June 24, 1945 pg.62
Ski and Feel Natural by Herbert Bruckner pg.65
Uncle Sam Plans for the Future by Samuel Snow pg.72
The Alta Cup Races by James Laughlin pg.82
Giant Cactus Ski Club at Tucson by Lowell Thomas pg.89
A Tropical Tour by Lt. Commander Roland Palmedo pg.95
No Hibernation for Pikes Peak by Pearl Anoe pg.99
California Outlook by J.E. Carpenter pg.104
Ski Center Alta by Franziska Porges pg.109
The Porcupines Again by Dr. Harold Bradley pg.116
Skiing with an Artificial Limb by A.B. Porter, Jr. pg.124
Ski Equipment by Charles Dudley pg.128
Skiing in the Aleutians by Olav Ulland pg.140
A Nation of Onlookers? By Dr. Joel Hildebrand pg.145
The Ski Sport in Argentina by Dr. Raul Escudero pg.151
Editorial Notes and Letters pg.155
Whiteface Mountain Ski Center pg.205
National and Its Divisions pg.166
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.184
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.215
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.223
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.235
Intermountain Amateur Ski assoc. pg.248
California Ski assoc. pg.263
Pacific Northwestern Ski Assoc. pg.279
Member Clubs pg.294

Skiing the Sky-Land - David R. Brower ... pg.49
Overskis, 1946 - Lt. Bob Blatt... pg.60
Ski With A Camera - Frank Campbell.. pg.78
Scratching the Surface of the North Cascades Charles Hessey, Jr. pg.84
The Syracuse Experiment - George F. Earle.. pg.94
Shangra La - Percy H. Bliss.. pg.103
The Skier and Uncle Sam - Fred H. McNeil.. pg.111
Ski Lodge Degenfeld - William C. Bradley.. pg.123
Watch Me Daddy - Julien Cornell.. pg.127
On Planning Ski Resorts - Franziska Porges .. pg.131
Note of An Itinerant Skier - John b. Chevalier.. pg.135
Western Trip - Roger Langely .. pg.140
Season’s High Spots on Oregon’s Mt. Hood - Hal Laman.. pg.152
Aspen Now - Leonard Woods.. pg.155
New Rules for National Racing - James Laughlin.. pg.160
Skiing and Accident Insurance - Eric Bohm .. pg.166
Sun Valley Plans ... pg.169
FIS Ski Congress - Roger Langely.. pg.175
Skiing in Norway - Jacob Vaage ... pg.180
How the U.S. Forces Enjoyed the Swiss Winter - Dr. Max Senger... pg.187
The Canadian Amateur Ski Association - Sidney A. Dawes... pg.190
Ski News From Australia - Ted Maloney.. pg.195
What Price The National Ski Patrol System - Minot Dole.. pg.200
The Snow Basin Ski Patrol Toboggan - Arthur Perkins, M.D. .. pg.205
Eastern Ski Patrols - Harold M. Gore... pg.209
Small Club Raises Record Fund for NSPS .. pg.214
Eaton Wins NSPS Public Relations Contest.. pg.219
Editorial Notes.. pg.225
National and Its Divisions .. pg.225
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association .. pg.246
U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association.. pg.265
Central U.S. Ski Association.. pg.287
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association.. pg.303
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association... pg.312
Intermountain Amateur Ski Association.. pg.320
California Ski Association.. pg.332
Member Clubs.. pg.343

Nickel a Night by Alexander Bright pg.51
Supporting Members of the NSA pg.57
Modern Racing Technique and Equipment by Leonard Woods pg.60
French Teaching Method of Skiing by Paul Gignoux pg.65
Mountain Magic by Julien Cornell pg.77
The Need for a Stronger National Ski Association by Fred McNeil pg.84
National Ski Association by Roger Langley pg.89
The Olympic Tryouts in Cross Country and Classic Combined
by Roger Langley pg.90
Downhill and Slalom by James Laughlin pg.92
Olympic Tryouts in Ski Jumping by Arthur Barth pg.103
Your Olympic Ski Team by Albert Sigal pg.106
My Downhill and Slalom Teammates by Dick Movitz pg.110
Who’s Who on the Olympic Ski Squad pg.114
Fair and Warmer by Betsy Bankart pg.124
National Championship Schedule pg.126
Swiss Skiers Visit US by Werner Grob pg.127
Ski Touring and Work of the NSA Hut Committee by James Laughlin pg.136
The Silver Belt by John Wiley pg.141
Collecting Ski Stamps by Roger Langley pg.146
City Editor, Who Hates Snow by Henry Moore pg.150
Having Wonderful Time- Wish You Were Here by Donald Allen pg.152
Norwegian Ski Team Visits US by Edwin Stanton pg.156
Skiing in Sweden by Sigge Bergman pg.160
Skiing at Mount Hood by Hal Laman pg.163
A Flying Trip to Norway by Roger Langley pg.169
Starlight by Charles Lavell pg.173
FIS Notes pg.177
A Ski Lodge in Franconia, New Hampshire by Jean Fletcher pg.178
The Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Patrol by Edward Taylor pg.179
The National Ski Patrol System in the Winter of 1946-47 by Minot Dole pg.180
From "Bunny" to Patrolman in Six Months by Ken Littlefield pg.185
Eastern Ski Patrols by Harold "Kid" Gore pg.187
Equipment Notes by Charles Dudley pg.193
Editorial Notes pg.197
Review of Publications by Roger Langley pg.198
National and Its Divisions pg.202
California Ski Assoc. pg.217
Pacific Northwestern Ski Assoc. pg.226
US Eastern Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.236
Central US Ski Assoc. pg.263
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.278
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Assoc. pg.287
Intermountain Amateur Ski Assoc. pg.299
Member Clubs pg.309

Skiing in the Winter Olympics - James Laughlin .. pg.45
Judging Ski Jumping in Europe - Arthur J. Barth.. pg.64
The Parsenn Derby - J. Stanley Mullin.. pg.70
Skiing is More Fun - Edward D. Eaton.. pg.74
Everybody Skis in Norway - Frank Elkins.. pg.79
Alpine Holiday - Julien Cornell .. pg.85
Skiing in Sun Valley - Jim Scanlan.. pg.91
Blue Mountain Plans National - Lonnie Demaray... pg.99
Laying Out a Cross Country Course - Oscar Haug.. pg.102
Skiing in the Central - George Morisette, Jr. .. pg.106
National Ski Finance Program - John E.P. Morgan.. pg.108
The Middlebury Way - Jack Valentine.. pg.113
Exciting Slalom - Leonard Woods... pg.117
King of All Ski Areas - Fay Lawrence .. pg.121
So You’re Going to Sponsor a Race - Wendell Lees... pg.125
Do Safety Bindings Really Work? - Everett L. Millard.. pg.129
Cherry Blossoms and Skis - John I. Davidson.. pg.131
Trails and Mad Rivers - Roland Palmedo.. pg.134
Solar Shelter at Mad River - Alexander McIlvaine .. pg.136
The NSPS in 1947-48 - Minot Dole.. pg.137
Canadian Ski Review - T. G. Jones.. pg.140
Ski Orienteering - WMWSC Bulletin.. pg.146
Equipment Notes - Charles M. Dudley.. pg.147
A Flying Argentine Ski Trip - Barney McLean .. pg.152
Editorial Notes and Comment.. pg.154
National and Its Divisions .. pg.157
Intermountain Ski Association... pg.179
California Ski Association... pg.189
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association.. pg.200
U. S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association.. pg.211
Central U.S. Ski Association... pg.232
Northern Rocky Ski Association.. pg.241
Southern Rocky Ski Association... pg.250
Skiing in the Southwest.. pg.259
Member Clubs .. pg.262

January 1949- Convention Issue
Quid Retribuam – A Thanksgiving Meditation by Arnold Lunn pg.3
Olympic Ski Games Committee Report by Albert Sigal pg.5
Minutes of the 41st Annual Meeting of the National Ski Association
Of America pg.6
Report of the President pg.7
Report of the Secretary pg.10
Report of the Treasurer pg.12
Financial Statement of the National Ski Association of America pg.14
Tenth Annual Report of the Historian pg.19
Report of Trophy Committee pg.22
Report of the National Junior Ski Committee pg.24
Report of the National Ski Jumping Committee pg.26
Hints for Judges- Jumping Faults pg.28
Calculating Results pg.29
Position of Executive Secretary pg.29
Report of Amateur Rules Committee pg.30
Report of the Hut Committee pg.31
Report of Committee on Certification of Ski Instructors pg.32
Central US Ski Association pg.32
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.32
Intermountain Amateur Ski Association pg.33
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.33
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association pg.33
Far West Ski Association pg.33
General Comments pg.34
Report of Fred McNeil pg.34
The 1948 Winter Sports Area Inspection Trip pg.39
Report of the Cross Country Skiing Committee pg.42
Report of Intercollegiate Ski Committee pg.43
Report of Committee on Downhill and Slalom pg.44
Report of the Publicity Committee of the NSA 1948 pg.48
Report of National Uniform Test Committee pg.49
Uniform Test Committee Budget pg.50
Report of the National Ski Patrol System pg.51
Report of the Individual Membership Committee pg.55
Report of the Editorial Committee pg.56
Selection of the 1950 US Ski Team pg.57
The Mullin Proposals for Revision of Constitution and By-Laws pg.57
Annual Banquet pg.59
Report of the Budget Committee pg.60
Official Publications pg.62
Disputed Sentence pg.62
President’s Term of Office pg.62
Executive Secretary’s Contract pg.62
Report of Convention Committee on Checking Divisional Association
Constitution and By- Laws Changes pg.64
Award of Convention Location for 1950 pg.65
Election of Officers pg.65

February 1949
Greetings from the Editor pg.3
National Ski Fund pg.4
Junior Skiing in New York State by Fay Welch pg.5
US Ski Team Selection Committee pg.9
Objectives of the NSA and What the NSA Does pg.10
Officers of the National and Its Divisions pg.11
National Committees and Purposes pg.14
Addresses of Committee Members pg.19
National and Divisional Publications pg.23
Approved Ski Jumping Judges pg.24
The Planica Ski Hill pg.25
Tournament Sanction Fees pg.26
FIS Officers and Council Members pg.26
Laurentian Ski Tour by Bob Wallace, Canada pg.28
Conversion Table- Feet and Meters pg.30

June 1949
Cover: Crossing Ostrander Lake, Yosemite High Sierra
New Policy by Roger Langley pg.1
The FIS Congress at Oslo by Roger Langley pg.2
Social Side of the Congress pg.6
Speech by Al Lindley at FIS Jubilee Dinner pg.7
Highlights of the FIS Congress by William Halsey pg.8
A Lady’s Viewpoint of the FIS Congress by Alice Kiaer pg.9
The American Ski Trophy Award by Roger Langley pg.11
FWSA Convention by J. Stanley Mullin pg.12
Opportunity pg.13
Intermountain Ski Association Convention pg.13
1949 Connecticut State Ski Championships by Ed Eaton pg.14
The Community Ski School by Carl Willgoose pg.16
Eastern Veteran’s Slalom Championship by Roland Palmedo pg.18
List of Member Clubs pg.20
Group Accident Policy pg.31

January 1950
World Championships pg.21
Revelstoke’s New Jump by Joan McKay pg.25
Skiing Activities in the Pacific Northwest by Fred McNeil pg.26
Features of an Ideal Safety Binding by J.L. Emery pg.29
Orienteering- The New Sport for Skiers by William Wadsworth pg.34
Book Review pg.40
The Case for American Cross Country Racing by Bob Wright pg.42
The USEASA Approach to the National Ski Fund by Edwin Eaton pg.44
Pennsylvania Skiing Activities by W.A. Albert pg.47
The Planica Ski Jumping Hill by Roger Langley pg.51
Mr. Holter Visits Norway pg.52
Organization of the National Ski Association pg.54
Ski Jumping Championships by H.A. Grinden pg.56
National Schedule pg.57
Food for "Uniform Test" Thought by Ellsworth Newberry pg.58

February 1950
World Ski Championships- Nordic Events by Roger Langley pg.13
Opening Address by Colonel N.R. Ostgaard pg.19
Meeting of the FIS Council pg.20
Closing Address at Rumford World Ski Championships- Alpine Events
At Aspen pg.22
The New York City Ski Council by John Clair, Jr. pg.26
The Eastern and Western Snow Conference by William Fuller pg.27
National Classic Combined Championships pg.30
Norsemen’s International Ski Meet pg.30
NRMSA Developments by Kay Widmer pg.34
Official Convention Notice pg.35
PNSA Set for Nickel a Day by Fred McNeil pg.36
Pacific Northwest Snowed in Again by Fred McNeil pg.37
Belleayre Ski Center Opens, Catskills, New York by Arthur Draper pg.38
Skiing in Lebanon, Middle East by A.W. Ramadan pg.40
American Ski Trophy pg.42
Proposed Rules for Classification by J. Stanley Mullin pg.44
Intermountain Activities by F.C. Koziol pg.50
Far West by Lester Jay pg.52
Wanted! A Skier’s World by Carl Gray pg.54
National Ski Museum, Ishpeming pg.59
Norge International Ski Jump by Eugene Petersen pg.61
Accommodation Directory pg.62-63

World Championships at Aspen by James Laughlin pg.45
World Championships- Nordic Events at Lake Placid- Rumford
By Frank Elkins pg.59
So You Want to Build a Ski Lodge? By William Halsey pg.65
World Jumping Record at Oberstdorf by Artur Keser pg.69
A Norwich Narrative by Arthur Goodrich pg.71
Ski Jumping at Its Best by Gordon Wren pg.74
Eaglebrook- Pioneer of Elementary School Skiing by Richard Dyer pg.76
The National Ski Patrol System by Edward Taylor pg.80
Sun Valleys of the Upper Midwest by Julie Bosshardt pg.83
Stop, Look, and Listen by Avery Brundage pg.85
Ski Poems by Vera Joyce Nelson pg.89
The Skier’s Assumption of Risk by Minot Dole pg.90
Austral Skiing Zooms by Roland Palmedo pg.92
The Dope Slope by James Goodwin pg.96
Steamboat Springs High School Ski team is Tops in Nation
By Gloria Gossard pg.98
Davos- Parsenn: Safety First by Fritz Durst pg.100
Team Skiing by John Holden pg.104
A Bag of Tricks by John Emery pg.106
Most for the Skier’s Dollar by John Clair, Jr. pg.109
Standards High for Certifying Instructors by Roland Palmedo pg.110
The 1952 Winter Olympic Games, Oslo, Norway by Einar Bergsland pg.112
International Competition by Roger Langley pg.116
Austria Revisited by Roger Freeman pg.120
National Ski Association Section pg.125
In Memoriam: Harvey Gibson pg.140
In Memoriam: Roland Peabody pg.140
In Memoriam: Joseph B. Ryan pg.141
In Memoriam: Aksel H. Holter pg.143
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.144
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.151
US Southwestern Skiing pg.160
Intermountain Ski Association pg.163
Far West Ski Association pg.169
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association pg.178
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association pg.189
Central US Ski Association pg.206
Editorial Notes pg.216
Canadian Ski Review pg.218
Equipment Section pg.230
Accommodations Directory pg.240
National Schedule for 1951 pg.244
List of Advertisers pg.254

The VI Olympic Winter Games pg.41
Who’s Who on the 1952 US Olympic Ski Squad pg.44
France for Skiing by Madlyn Kenney pg.57
La Province de Quebec Charms Ski Visitors with French Atmosphere pg.61
Monroe Skyline Tour by Roland Palmedo pg.65
Pipe the Snow! By Harold Blaisdell pg.69
Portland Rose Festival Summer Ski Jumps by George Henderson pg.73
The Regional Ski Council by John Clair, Jr. pg.77
American Skiers in Bavaria by Captain Peter Regis pg.79
Springtime in the Alps by Julien Cornell pg.81
The Gimmick by Steve Bradley pg.86
The Juniors Have It by Ethel Van Degrift pg.89
Snow Husbandry Pays Dividends at Belleayre by Arthur Draper, 
Catskills, New York pg.93
Try Touring, It Costs Less by John Holden pg.95
Support Your National Ski Patrol by Edward Taylor pg.98
Taranaki Ski Area by A.W.White pg.99
Found: A Mountain in Maine by Bill Hatch pg.101
Sierra Ski Mecca by Pat Riley pg.103
The FIS Congress in Venice by J. Stanley Mullin pg.105
Ski Poems by Vera Joyce Nelson pg.114
The National Intercollegiate Championships by Jerry Hiatt pg.115
Brighter Prospects for East by Frank Elkins pg.120
Central US Ski Association by Lawrence Maurin pg.123
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association by Eugene Saier pg.137
Intermountain Ski Association by F.C. Koziol pg.149
US Southwestern Skiing pg.146
Far West Ski Association by Ethel Van Degrift pg.156
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association by A.W. Coleman pg.168
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association pg.190
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association by Betty Hosburgh pg.196
National Ski Association of America pg.202
Canadian Ski Review pg.212
Ski Equipment Review by Charles Dudley pg.228
Editorial Notes pg.235
Travel and Resorts pg.237
Accommodation Directory pg.241
President Bellmar’s Letter to Skiers pg.248

January 1952
Organization of the NSA for 1952 pg.17
Reunion on the Arlberg pg.18
The Milkmaid’s Stool by Edwin Eaton pg.20
Who Stole Whose Thunder? By J. Stanley Mullin pg.21
Reminiscences of Early Days by Fred Harris pg.25
Olympics Hold Spotlight pg.29
James Griffith by F.C. Koziol pg.32
International Judges Appointed pg.33
Hickories South of the Equator by Verne Goodwin pg.34
Skiing in Public Lands of the Central by Lawrence Maurin pg.36
Santa Fe- The Junior Skiers’ Town pg.38
2000 Attend Free Ski School pg.39
Sunday at the Zoo by Bob King pg.41
A Welcome to sunny Alberta by Bill Hustler pg.42
Message from president Bellmar pg.44
Laurentians Gay with Activity pg.46
National Championship Schedule pg.47
The First Olympic Ski Team pg.52

February 1952
Snow Fans Discover Swiss Northeast pg.16
National Championship Schedule pg.20
Downhill- Is It Worth It? By Jack Emery pg.21
Winter Olympic Contestants Train in Austria pg.23
Wausau Ski Club Annual Junior Ski School by Ken Jensen pg.25
Marmot Basin by Sydney Roberts pg.26
Gifts to NSA Ruled Tax Exempt pg.27
Olympic Winter Games Notes pg.28
Stein Eriksen in Somersault by George Clarke pg.29
How to Use Your Newspaper by John Cleary pg.32
Ski Safety School by American Red Cross pg.34
Olympic Fund Week End at Franconia by Barbara Symmes pg.38
Laurentian Mountain News by Charles Townsend pg.42
National Races at Stowe pg.44
Henry Moore’s Ski Highlights pg.45
Values of the Sport pg.47
Salisbury Plans National Jump pg.52

January 1953
NSA Officers and Committees pg.18
Tryouts for the 1954 FIS Team pg.19
1953 National Schedule pg.20
Skiing in Washington’s Cascade Mountains by Roger Freeman pg.21
The Element of Control by John Holden pg.26
Chicagoans Boost Ski Safety Drive by Everett Millard pg.28
Forest Service Snow Ranger Training School pg.32
Deseret News and Telegram Ski School pg.33
Family Skiing by Dr. Wayne Fox pg.34
Skiing Shown Safer than Bathing pg.36
Oslo Protest Straightened Out by John Jay pg.38
Whiteface Mt. Ski Center Open, New York, Adirondacks pg.40
Swedes Bow Out of Soviet Skiing pg.40
New Aspen Bus for "Ski Week" Patrons pg.41
Ski Scene in Gogebic County Mural pg.42
B & M Snow Train Puffs Again by Henry Moore pg.43
Champions Are Both Born and Made by Mary Farwell pg.47
Success Story at Colby by Richard Nye Dyer pg.52
Accommodations Directory pg.56

February 1953
Divisional Obligation by Pres. Edwin D. Eaton pg.17
The Gomme Ski by Patrick Wooten pg.18
Notice and Plans for NSA Convention pg.19
1953 National Schedule pg.20
Eastern Ski Events pg.21
Avalanche Handbook- A Review pg.22
Dartmouth Winter Carnival by Lincoln Werden pg.24
In the Laurentians pg.26
Gibson Trophy Race by Frank Elkins pg.32
Skiing: The Undiscovered Sport by Julien Cornell pg.34
The Arlberg- Kandahar by Ethel Van Degrift pg.39
Grand Daddy of Winter Carnivals by Robert Campbell pg.43
Important Excerpts from the Annual Report of the National Ski Patrol 
System, Inc. 1951-1952 Season pg.44
The Denver Pioneers- 12,000 Miles Later by Jerry Hiatt pg.45
A Tribute to W.P. "Pat" Rogers by Steve Bradley pg.51
Poles- My Pet Peeve by Frank Springer- Miller pg.55

Summer in Snow by Bill Tibbits pg.41
1952 Olympic Ski Teams by John Herbert pg.46
Salute to the "Mother" of Our Olympic Team by Ethel Van Degrift pg.52
A Man and His Mountain by Pat Harty pg.54
Armed Forces in Europe by Captain Peter Regis pg.58
Sun Valley Review by Bob Blakslee pg.61
Ski Poems by Vera Joyce Nelson pg.65
Beyond the Caucasian Pine by Charles McLane pg.66
Two Skiers- One Leg by Hans Thorner pg.74
Ski Clubs and Ski Scouts by Harold Gore pg.77
The Father of Ski Jumping in Colorado by Bob Berverly pg.80
Alpine Glacier Tours by Julien Cornell pg.82
The Flatlanders Take to the West by John J. Clair, Jr. pg.86
Consider the Step- Child by David Judson pg.91
Welcome to the 1954 World Ski Championships in Sweden by Sigge
Bergman pg.94
The Development of the National Council of Ski Instructors
Of America by Bill Lash pg.101
Ski Activities at Exercise Snow Fall by Corporal Lan Potter pg.106
Progress Report on Avalanches by Monty Atwater pg.110
Novel Competitions to Broaden Participation by Roland Palmedo pg.112
Hickory Haven by Walt Peszko and Dot Nadler pg.114
Course Setting the Giant Slalom by Ed Newell pg.117
National Section pg.121
President’s Message by Edwin Eaton pg.121
National Classic Combined Championships pg.124
National Giant Slalom Championships by Jim England pg.124
National Cross Country Championships by Frank Elkins pg.126
National Ski Jumping Championships by Frank Elkins pg.127
National Junior Downhill and Slalom Championships
By Fred Bellmar pg.130
National Downhill and Slalom Championships by Frank Elkins pg.133
National Junior Jumping Championships by Allan Granstrom pg.137
In Memoriam: Ole R. Mangseth— George H. Watson pg.140
United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association pg.142
President’s Message by Lawrence Briggs pg.142
Harvey Gibson Memorial Trophy Race pg.144
Cross Country Championships by Frank Elkins pg.144
Eastern Ski Jumping Championships and Classic Combined pg.145
Eastern Interscholastic Championships pg.146
New England Interscholastic Championships pg.146
Senior Giant Slalom Championships pg.146
Men’s Downhill and Slalom Championships by
Rockwell Stephens pg.147
Dartmouth Winter Carnival by Lincoln Werden pg.150
Middlebury Carnival Ski Meet pg.151
Annual Blackwater Slalom by Dick Merrill pg.152
Beck Captures Inferno Race on Cut Course pg.154
Eastern Women’s Giant Slalom pg.154
Lena Gale Winner of Downhill Race pg.155
New England Ski Council Meets by Frank Elkins pg.155
Central US Ski Association pg.158
Pioneers Honored with Gold Medallions pg.158
President’s Message by Merritt Cook pg.160
Ski Pioneer Immortalized in Hall of Statues- General John C. 
Greenway by W.H. Newett pg.161
The Central’s Intercollegiate Challenge by Hartman Axley pg.163
Cross Country Skiing Observations by John Burton pg.164
Central Jumpers Win 26 of 45 National Championships pg.166
Grand Marais and the Central Downhill and Slalom
Championships by Lawrence Maurin pg.166
Report of NSPS- Central Division by Henry Pflieger pg.168
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.170
President’s Message by William Downs pg.170
NRMSA Downhill and Slalom Championships 
by Walter Morris pg.172
Sixth Annual Belmont Invitational by Harry Reinig, Jr. pg.174
NRMSA Giant Slalom by Audrey Roth pg.175
Bozeman Ski Club Holds Three Meets by Marlyn Hauseman pg.176
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.177
President’s Message by Robert Johnstone pg.177
Drop in On the SRMSA by Nancy Duncan pg.178
Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival by Gloria Gossard pg.181
SRMSA Classic Combined- Jumping and Junior Jumping pg.183
Aspen Plans for Nationals by Delphine Carpenter pg.184
SRMSA Downhill and Slalom Championship Results pg.184
Intermountain Ski Association pg.185
President’s Message by J.G. Vorse pg.185
Intermountain Highlights by F.C. Koziol pg.186
Results: Intermountain Jumping Championships, Annual
Eccles Cup Race pg.188
Results: Intermountain Junior Giant Slalom pg.188
Results: Junior Downhill and Slalom pg.189
US Southwestern Skiing pg.190
Sun and snow in the Southwest by Ernest Blake pg.190
New Mexico Junior Team- The New Mexican Ski School-
Taos pg.191
Santa Fe Winter Sports Club- Ruidoso pg.192
Jean and Buzz Bainbridge will Operate La Madera pg.192
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association pg.194
Mount Hood Keeps Rolling Along by Hal Laman pg.194
Northwest Skiing by Bill Keil pg.197
Stevens Pass Enjoys Good Snow by Ward C. Williams pg.200
Long Distances Main Problem in Northwest Collegiate Skiing pg.202
Far West Ski Association pg.204
President’s Message by Paul H. Smith pg.204
Skiing Highlights of the FWSA by Bob Schenck pg.205
Competition- A Quick Review by Walt Clemmons pg.210
New Ski Facilities for Southern California by A. Andrew Hauk pg.213
New Lift, Tramway at the Sugar Bowl by Henry Jacobsen pg.214
Canadian Ski Review pg.216
News from the Laurentian Zone by Bob Wallace pg.216
Men of Action featuring Georges Leveille pg.221
Snow Eagle Ski School pg.223
Quebec Skiing at its Best in Lac Beauport Area pg.224
Equipment 1952-53 by Charles Dudley pg.225
Editorial and Notes by Roger Langley pg.232
Davos Experienced by Fritz Durst pg.236
Travel and Resorts pg.238
1953 National Championship Schedule pg.241
Accomodation Directory pg.243
Index to Advertisers pg.254

January 1954
Dedication to Mr. Holter pg.14
Golden Highlights by Harold Grinden pg.15
Norwegian Ski Authority Here to Study Origins of US Skiing (History) pg.20
The 1954 US Ski Team pg.23
Olympic Meeting at Washington pg.26
Eastern Skiing Highlights by Henry Moore pg.27
Invitation to Jubilee Celebration pg.30
Jubilee Message from President Eaton pg.31
Helms Hall Honors Andrea Mead Lawrence by Nancy Green pg.32
Laurentian Land by Frank Elkins pg.34
New Ski Gear by Frank Springer- Miller pg.37
The Founding and Early History of the NSPS pg.39
National Ski Hall of Fame by Burton Boyum pg.51
Southern Skis Activities pg.54
New Lift at Arapahoe Basin pg.54

February 1954
Finn Wins Jump- Russian Wins 30km. Race by George Axelsson pg.14
Alpine Teams in Are pg.15
Roy Sherwood Wins Eastern Title pg.16
Eastern Girls Compete in Canada by Gail Macomber pg.18
Dartmouth Wins at Williams pg.19
Moriarty Wins Eastern Junior Race pg.19
Gibson Trophy Race by F.C. Matzek pg.20
Riisnaes Wins at Laconia pg.21
The Rating of Ski Lifts by A.W. Coleman pg.25
Dion Wins Maine Championship pg.26
The Stowe Standard Races pg.26
Deseret News Ski School Successful pg.29
New York State Championships by Bernard Hansson pg.30
1954 US Ski Team Well Outfitted pg.31
Ring Says Battle with Railroad Not Over pg.32
Ski Teachers Exam Scheduled for Speculator by Bob Campbell pg.33
Tow Safety by Ralph White pg.34
Anniversary Celebration at Woodstock by Frank Elkins pg.35
International Meets to Have Young Jumpers by Art Barth pg.36
Skiing in Transition by A.W. Coleman pg.38
Good Winter in Philadelphia pg.40
Accommodations Directory pg.41

June 1954
The Convention at Ishpeming—Minutes of the 46th Annual Meeting 
of the NSA

Fiftieth Anniversary of the NSA by Roger Langley pg.41
First FIS Team to Europe by John J. Clair, Jr. pg.44
Old-Timers of the Sierra by Bill Berry pg.52
La Porte Snow Shoe Races from Photostat pg.54
Old Men of Franconia by Dave Bradley pg.57
New Hampshire Joins the Parade by G. Henry Crawford pg.62
A Winter Dream- Davos by Fritz Durst pg.72
Ski Poems by Vera Joyce Nelson pg.65
A-K—FIS Rehearsal by Roland Palmedo pg.66
The National Ski Patrol System by Edward Taylor pg.72
The Regional Ski Councils of the USEASA by Dick Parant pg.73
Belleayre Packer May Prove Boon to other Areas by Arthur Draper pg.75
Weatherbee, WBZ’s Weatherman Predicts! By Allen Barry pg.77
NSA Representatives Abroad by Edwin Eaton pg.82
Roy Sherwood Stars at Kulm by John A. Pepper pg.94
European Diary by Peter Regis pg.97
Foot in Boot and Boot on Ski by Frank Springer-Miller pg.99
Sun Valley Review by Bob Blakslee pg.101
What You Should Know About Avalanches by Julien Cornell pg.106
Inclined Transportation Systems by Edward Newell pg.114
National Section pg.121
President’s Message by Edwin Eaton pg.121
National Giant Slalom Championship by Frank Elkins pg.123
North American Championships in Downhill and Slalom
By Frank Elkins pg.125
North American Cross Country Championships pg.130
North American Jumping Championships pg.132
National 18 km Cross Country Championships by Frank Elkins pg.132
National Senior Giant Slalom Championships pg.134
National Senior Alpine Races at Franconia by Roger Langley pg.135
National Junior Championships in Downhill, Slalom, Combined,
And Jumping pg.136
National Ski Jumping Championship by Clair Jordan pg.138
National Downhill, Slalom, Combined Championships and the
Andre Roch Trophy Race by Grant Ford pg.140
American Ski Trophy, 1953 by Edward Newell pg.141
In Memoriam: Darroch W. Crookes—Robert L. Billings—
Margaret J. Neyland pg.143
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association pg.145
President’s Message by Nelson Bennett pg.145
1953 Portland Rose Festival Ski Jumps by George Henderson pg.146
Winter Sports Developments on National Forests of Oregon
And Washington by Richard Bowe pg.149
On the Slopes of Mount Hood by Hal Laman pg.150
Random Notes on Collegiate Competition in the Pacific 
Northwest, 1953 by Ward C. Williams pg.152
Second Annual Snowfair pg.153
Stevens Standard Giant Slaloms pg.153
"Old Pro" is New Ranger at Mt. Hood pg.154
Annual Penguin Giant Slalom pg.154
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association Champions pg.155
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.156
Seventh Belmont Invitational pg.156
NRMSA Downhill, Slalom, Combined Championships pg.157
NRMSA Giant, Slalom Championships pg.158
NRMSA Jumping and Cross Country Championships pg.158
Mid-Summer skiing in Montana pg.159
Intermountain Ski Association pg.163
Message from ISA President by Guy Wight pg.163
Intermountain Briefs pg.164
Intermountain Junior Combined Alpine Championships pg.165
Snow Cup Race pg.166
Intermountain Giant Slalom Championships pg.166
Central US Ski Association pg.167
Arne Hoel Sets Record at Suicide Hill pg.167
Hill Wins Central Championships pg.168
Michigan Open Title Won by Norge’s Malvic pg.169
Tech Huskies Win Michigan Collegiate Crown pg.169
Skier Tokle Relaxes, Plays Soccer and Does Pushups pg.170
20,000 See Riisnaes win at 47th Norge Meet pg.171
Oakvic Classic- Combined Champ pg.171
Moon Valley- Vagabond Clubs Support Green Bay Public Area pg.172
Slotness Wins Combined D & S Championships
By Harold Grinden pg.172
Successful Junior D-S Meet Held at Traverse City pg.173
Eau Claire Boosts Flying Eagles pg.174
Nickel-A-Ticket Can Work pg.175
Ski Judges Meet at Wausau pg.175
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association pg.176
President’s Message by Grant Ford pg.176
SRMSA Roundup by Evelyn Runnette pg.177
Intercollegiate Skiing in the SRMSA- 1952-53 
by Bobette Turner pg.179
Far West Ski Association pg.180
President’s Message by Paul Smith pg.180
Far West Skiing Activities by Bob Schenck pg.181
FWSA Competition Highlights by Walt Clemmons pg.186
US Southwestern Skiing pg.192
La Madera Has Successful Season pg.192
The Albuquerque Ski Club pg.193
The New Mexico Junior team pg.194
Snow and Sun in Santa Fe by Ernest Blake pg.195
Amarillo High School Ski Club by Elayne Steele pg.197
United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association pg.198
President’s Message by Lawrence Briggs pg.198
Dartmouth Wins USEASA Relay Race pg.199
Dodge Wins Eastern Title by Frank Elkins pg.199
Middlebury Retains Eastern Title pg.200
USEASA Women’s Championship pg.201
USEASA Junior Jumping Championships pg.202
Eastern Nordic Championships at Rumford by Earl Aronson pg.202
Winter Carnival at St. Lawrence by Howard Elkins pg.203
USEASA Prep School Championships pg.204
USEASA High School Team Championship pg.205
USEASA Junior Alpine Championships pg.206
Whiteface Mountain Ski Center Popular with Collegiate Skiers pg.208
The USEASA "Ski Instruction- New Member" Plan 
by Ralph White pg.210
George Macomber Elected USEASA President pg.212
Pres. Macomber urges Support of Team pg.213
Directors Meet at Simsbury pg.214
Big Bromley Completes Five Year Program pg.215
Canadian Amateur Ski Association pg.217
President’s Message by W.G. Clark pg.217
The Central Canadian Division by M. Guzzell pg.218
The Canadian Junior Championships pg.219
Canadian Senior Cross Country and Jumping Championships pg.221
The Canadian Downhill and Slalom Championships pg.222
1958 FIS World Championships Held at Banff, Alberta? pg.223
Bill Whalen New Director of Mont Tremblant Lodge
Ski Patrol by Frankie O’Rear pg.223
News of Mont Tremblant by Frankie O’Rear pg.224
Franz Gabl, Director of Mont Gabriel Ski School pg.227
Laurentian Mountains Noted for Winter Sports pg.227
Quebec City Picturesque as Winter Sports Capital pg.228
St. Maurice Valley Colorful Center pg.229
Skiing in Ottawa- Canada’s Capital by Russel Smart pg.230
Ski Equipment by Charles Dudley pg.232
Editorial and Notes pg.237

January 1955
National Collegiate Meet pg.9
Junior Competitive Season by Bill Doolittle pg.10
New Double Chair at Stowe pg.11
Reno Ski Bowl Improvements by Selby Calkins pg.11
Norwegian Expert Visits Ishpeming pg.12
Bill Judd, SRMSA President by Evelyn Runnette pg.13
Ski Jump Rule Changes Urged by Jacob Vaage pg.14
Swiss Learn Much from Yanks by Werner Grob pg.19
Big Plans for Sugarloaf by Earle Doucette pg.19
Skiing in Michigan’s Copper Country by Rene E. Adams pg.20
Too Old to Ski? By Marion Clare pg.23
Snow Cement by Leslie Wood pg.24
Where to Stay Directory pg.27

February 1955
Snite and Lawrence Win Eastern Titles pg.2
Death of Magnus Satre pg.4
Big Build-Up for Olympics pg.5
Why Be Crutchety About Ski Accidents? by Frank Springer-Miller pg.6
Western Ski-Reel (Photos) pg.7
Middlebury Wins Eastern Collegiate Title by Josehp Presbrey, Jr. pg.8
US Jumpers for Olympic Games (Finals) pg.9
Winners of 2nd American International Races at Stowe pg.7
Starr over Austria pg.9
Laurentian Highlights (Photos) pg.11
Where to Stay Directory pg.12

The Arlberg-Kandahar Race by Sir Arnold Lunn pg.26
Russia’s Secret Ski Weapon by Frank Elkins pg.30
It’s More Fun- and Cheaper- To Have Your Own Ski Cabin
By Roland Palmedo pg.33
Spruce Peak’s New Double Chair Lifts- A Dream Come True
By Sepp Ruschp pg.34
Davos- The Skier’s Paradise by Fritz Durst pg.36
Cross Country is Vital to Uncle Sam’s Ski Teams by John S. Holden pg.38
Mt. Snow- Two Double Chair Lifts Ready- and Five To Go!
By Ralph V. White pg.39
New Hampshire’s $455,000 Bid to Overtake Vermont 
by Hank Crawford pg.40
My First Pair of Skis by Robert M. Coates pg.43
Sierra Ski Centennial Brings Memories of Poker Flat by Bill Berry pg.50
Skiing Booms in Switzerland by Werner Grob pg.52
Jubilee Draws Visitors from Far and Near pg.55
Skiing Gains in Popularity Among Western College Women
By Ethel Van Degrift pg.58
A Page of Ski Verse by Vera Joyce Nelson, Ski Poems pg.61
On to Sweden- By Plane, By Train, By Golly! By Edwin D. Eaton pg.62
Where to Stay Directory pg.124
National Ski Association Section
President’s Message by Albert Sigal pg.65
National Slalom and Downhill Championships pg.66
National Senior Downhill and Slalom Championships pg.67
North American Ski Jumping Championships pg.68
National Class A and B Ski Jumping Championships pg.69
Nansen Ski Club’s International Jumping Tournament pg.69
National Senior Giant Slalom Championship
by Robert Schenck pg.70
National Giant Slalom by Bill Berry pg.70
National Junior Slalom and Downhill Championships
By Robert Safran pg.71
National Junior Nordic Events by Harold Grinden pg.72
National Junior Slalom, Downhill, and Combined pg.72
National Cross Country Championship pg.73
National 18, 30 meter and Classic Combined pg.74
National Junior Class A Jumping Championship pg.74
National Senior Jumping Championship pg.74
National Collegiate Slalom, Downhill, & Cross Country pg.74
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association Section
President’s Message by Nelson Bennett pg.75
Mount Hood and Northwest Review by Vill Keil pg.75
Winter Sports in National Forests of Oregon and Washington pg.77
Pacific Northwestern Championships pg.78
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
First Annual High Road Summer Slalom pg.79
8th Belmont Invitational pg.80
NRMSA Downhill, Slalom and Combined Championships pg.80
Anaconda Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary pg.82
NRMSA Cross Country and Jumping Tournament pg.82
Intermountain Ski Association Section
Intermountain Review by Dick Movitz pg.83
Calendar of 1955 Sanctioned Events pg.83
Central US Ski Association Section
President’s Message by Wayne Fox pg.83
Central Acts to Solve Financial Crisis by Burton Boyum pg.84
Central Slalom, Downhill & Combined Championships pg.85
Wisconsin Cross Country Championships pg.85
Art Tokle Wins 48th Norge & Beloit Ski Tournaments pg.87
Annual Duluth Invitational Jumping Championship pg.88
Central Senior Jumping Championships pg.88
Central Junior Slalom, Downhill, and Combined pg.88
Far West Ski Association Section
Jill and Bob Kinmont Win National Titles pg.93
Far Western Giant Slalom Championships pg.94
Far Western Junior Slalom and Downhill Championships pg.94
Far Western Slalom, Downhill and Jumping pg.95
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association Section
New SRMSA Officers pg.89
Southern Rocky Roundup by Evelyn Runnette pg.89
Skiing in the Southwest by Gisela Lavenburg pg.90
Arapahoe Basin Skiing Will Be Better in 1955 pg.90
SRMSA Junior Giant Slalom Championships pg.92
SRMSA Slalom, Downhill, and Combined Championships pg.92
41st Annual Winter Carnival, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports 
Club pg.92
Andy Mead and Husband Get Big Welcome in Colorado pg.92
US Eastern Ski Association Section
President’s Message by George Macomber pg.97
Roger Peabody Takes Over as Executive Director pg.98
Brooks Dodge Wins Eastern Alpine Title pg.99
Eastern Women’s Alpine Events pg.100
White Mountain Ski Runners- Webber Challenge Cup Race pg.100
Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Championships 
by Roger Langley, Jr. pg.102
6th Annual Snow Chasers Team Race pg.103
New Open Slope Ready at Whiteface Mt. Area pg.107
With Frank Elkins at the New York State & New England
Winter Councils pg.108
Canadian Ski Association Section
Excerpts from the President’s Report by W.G. (Bud) Clark pg.109
How Canadian Skiers Fared in FIS Games in Sweden
By Frank Elkins pg.110
Canadian Senior Championships pg.111
Canadian Junior Championships pg.112

Olympic Issue, 1956
A World’s Champion- Tauno Luiro by Walter Mattila pg.4
Where to Ski in Europe by Julien Cornell pg.5
Olympic Sidelights by Evelyn Runnette pg.6
Olympic Winter Games Results pg.8
National Ski Association of America 1955-56 Events 3rd Cover
Directory of Accommodations 3rd Cover

Squaw Gains Olympic Games by Pat Riley pg.6
Ice Valley Versus Davos by Warren Miller pg.8
Skiing, Norway Style by Frank Elkins pg.9
Dedication to Roger Langley by Edwin Eaton pg.10
109.7 Miles Per Hour on Skis by Roland Palmedo pg.11
Your National Forest Ski Slopes by John Herbert pg.12
Scandinavian Skis by Walter Mattila pg.13
We All Started Once by John Hoefling pg.14
Two Worlds by Malcolm Carter pg.14
American Ski Trophy 1955 pg.15
Don’t D—N the D—NED Management by Lawrence Jump pg.16
The XXth International Ski Congress by J. Stanley Mullin pg.17
Skiing in Liberated Austria by Virginia Creed pg.23
Sun Valley by Dorice Taylor pg.25
Waxing Poetic by Vera Joyce Nelson pg.26
The Making of a Classic by Marion Whiting pg.27
Nation’s Skiingist Town- Lakeview, Oregon by Leverett Richards pg.29
Why Not (To) Be a Skiing Official? By Dave Young pg.30
You Can’t Get Away From the Weather by Bob Lynott pg.34
National Ski Association 1955-56 Events pg.36
Nordic Training Camp by Esther Eyraud pg.43
1956 Nationals at Squaw Valley pg.43
Directory of Accommodations pg.86
National Ski Association
President’s Message by Albert Sigal pg.35
National Championships and Olympic Tryouts pg.36
American International Downhill and Slalom- Enzo Serafini pg.37
National Giant Slalom Championships pg.38
National Cross Country Championships pg.38
International Ski Jumping and Classic Combined pg.38
National Ski Jumping Championship pg.39
National Veterans Giant Slalom Championships pg.39
National Junior Championships pg.40
15th Annual Harriman Cup Open pg.42
US Eastern Ski Association
President’s Message by Edwin Eaton pg.44
Stowe, 1955 by Mary Bourdon pg.46
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association
President’s Message by Robert St. Louis pg.47
Scenery Challenges Skiing by H.A. Brown pg.47
Skiingest Area by Bob Draper pg.49
White Pass Ski Area by Dr. F.J.A. Ditter pg.49
Northwest Roundup by Bill Keil pg.50
Thunderbird Zooms by Virginia Moffett pg.51
National Forests Are Highly Used by Richard Bowe pg.51
Hood Leads Nation by Hal Laman pg.52
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
President’s Message by Harry Reinig, Jr. pg.54
Grizzly Peak Ski Area by Kerm Carlson pg.54
A Ski Area- In Four Months by Kay Widmer pg.55
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
President’s Message by Bill Judd pg.60
Southern Rocky Notes by Evelyn Runnette pg.63
La Madera by Ben Abruzzo pg.65
Central US Ski Association
President’s Message by F.A. Fetvedt pg.68
Central Places Four on Olympic Team pg.68
Intermountain Ski Association
President’s Message by Alton Melville pg.71
Look Both Ways by M.M. Atwater pg.71
Far West Ski Association
President’s Message by Wesley Hadden pg.74
Far West Ski Association Convention by Wesley Hadden pg.78
Canadian Amateur Ski Association
President’s Message by W.G. "Bud" Clark pg.79
Quebec Division by Phil Lanouette pg.79
Anchorage Ski Club
Rugged But Right by Dick Regan pg.80
Anchorage News Notes by Frances Vadla pg.82

Let’s Ski pg.12
Advice to Motorists by Arthur Draper pg.13
Letter From Montreux- The FIS Annual Congress pg.18
Letter From Denver- The NSA Achieves Unity pg.21
Letter From Lac Beauport- The CASA Annual Meeting pg.23
Olympic Winter Games- Program pg.26
US Prospects at Cortina by Roger Peabody pg.28
Romance on Skis by Sheila McKay pg.32
The Ghost Skiers of Old Halfway by Victor Allen pg.36
World’s Greatest Ski Racer by Max Pfliger pg.37
Like Father, Like Son pg.39
New Lift for Skiing pg.40
Use Your Head and Let Your Limbs Be Grateful by Dr. Sawnie Gaston pg.42
10 Tips for City Skiers pg.46
Have You Tried Night Skiing? By Russell Bousquet pg.47
Learning to Ski- Indoors! By Roger Ganem pg.49
Most Talked About pg.52
Letter from Sun Valley pg.69
Sundown is Fun-Up Time in the Laurentians by Christopher Foster pg.71
How Skiing Came to the US by Robert Coates pg.74
Easterners Retain Black Stag Trophy pg.90
Operation Deepfreeze by Virginia Blanchard pg.93
Advice to New Skiers by Henry Pasche pg.96
Cartoon Section by Barsis pg.97
Top World Ski Races of 1955
2nd American International at Stowe by Sepp Ruschp pg.107
The Arlberg-Kandahar of 1955 pg.117
The North American Championships pg.120
The US Nationals- Alpine pg.121
The Quebec- Kandahar pg.122
The Holmenkollen pg.123
The Parsenn Derby by Stanley Mullins pg.124
The Vasalopp- Sweden’s Greatest Ski Race pg.126
The Harriman Cup at Sun Valley pg.128
The Canadian Championships pg.129
The National Collegiate Championships pg.130
Salute to the Pioneers pg.131
The FIS and Olympic Sections
World Ski Champions (FIS) 1929-1954 pg.134
Olympic Ski Champions- 1924-1952 pg.139
How to Ski Section
20 Steps to Better skiing by Hannes Schmid pg.141
How to Ride a Ski Tow pg.156
Elegance and Safety are Keynotes of New Equipment pg.157
Guide to World’s Best Skiing- Classified by Regions pg.160
Austria pg.160
Switzerland pg.162
Canada pg.165
United States pg.169

The 1956 Olympics in Retrospect by Andrea Mead Lawrence pg.9
Four Americans at the Holmenkollen Kandahar 1956 
by Dave Lawrence pg.10
Freer Association Needed at Cortina by J. Stanley Mullins pg.12
Toni Sailer Owns Alps by Bruce Young pg.14
Top US Alpine Hopefuls by J.C. Macone pg.16
Hard Work Makes Nordic Olympic Camp Possible by Elvin Johnson pg.18
Aspen Proves Good Host For Alpine Training by Daphne Bedford and
Sally Deaver pg.19
Pravda, Gillis, Wurtele Coach Race School by Bill Keil pg.20
Confessions of a New England Ski Addict by Frank Elkins pg.21
Skiing in the Alps by Warren Snyder pg.23
Try Europe’s Out of the Way Resorts pg.29
Eternal Whiteness Marks Spring Skiing in Finland by Walter Mattila pg.31
Skiing Has Changed! But Is It Any More Fun? By Robert Bourdon pg.33
Gorsuch Takes Combined Alpine in National Juniors by Pat Harty pg.34
Junior Girls Game in New England’s Worst Weather by Henry Moore pg.34
Franconia Welcomes the Juniors by John S. Holden pg.35
University of Denver Wins 1956 NCAA by Fred Casotti pg.38
Western States American Legion Junior Ski Championships
By Dorice Taylor pg.40
Andre Roch Trophy pg.41
National Veterans Giant Slalom pg.41
National Veterans Downhill- Slalom pg.41
Sally Deaver, Christian Pravda take 1956 Harriman by Dorice Taylor pg.42
Composite Schedule of US Skiing Competition, 1956-57 pg.43
Sun Valley Grooms for 20th Year by Dorice Taylor pg.46
East’s Deaver and Woods win 1956 National Alpine pg.46
Mt. Rainier Continues Winter Hibernation by Roger Freeman pg.47
VIII Winter Olympic Games, Squaw Valley, 1960 pg.50
Mack Miller Dominates 1956 National Cross Country pg.52
New Trim, Functional Look, This Year’s Ski Wear, Fashion
By Nancy Adams pg.53
National Ski Association
List of Officers pg.58
President’s Message by Robert Johnston pg.58
Let’s Go Back to the ABC’s in Downhill-Slalom by Hal Laman pg.69
Black Stag Trophy Race, 1956 pg.59
Why Join NSA? By Tom Jacobs pg.61
NSA Special Memberships List pg.63
Making Slalom a Fair Form of Competition with "Snow
Cement" by Peter Estin pg.64
NSA Reports on Straumann Timer by Burton Boyum pg.66
Straumann Reports to FIS- Jumping Theory by Dr. Ing
Reinhard Straumann pg.67
International Competition by Dick Movitz pg.68
National Ski Patrol System
Officials pg.77
History of the Patrol by Minot C. Dole and Edward Taylor pg.77
New York Metropolitan Patrol is Pioneer by John J. Clair, Jr. pg.78
Ski Injury Survey pg.79
Latest Avalanche Research pg.80
Mad River’s Safety Program pg.81
NSPS Chairman Established pg.82
National Ski Hall of Fame
List of Awards pg.70
John J. Clair, Jr. Awarded American Ski Trophy pg.71
Tribute to Sven Welhaven pg.72
Tribute to Arthur Barth by Joyce Fitzgerald pg.73
National Ski Hall of Fame Exhibits Span 4,000 Years
By Harold Grinden pg.74
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association
Officers pg.85
President’s Message by Roger Langley pg.85
Eastern Women’s Combined Championships pg.85
Executive Director’s Report by Roger Peabody pg.86
Uniform Tests Program by Charles Ryer pg.87
Vermont Areas Plan Heavy Competition for Youngsters pg.89
Ski Men Move to Boost New England by Henry Moore pg.90
Stowe Still Growing pg.91
The First New England Kandahar by Henry Perkins pg.91
Mt. Cranmore Ready pg.92
New England Expands Ski Facilities pg.92
Dartmouth’s Egil Stigum Edges Harwood in 1956 Constant pg.96
New York State Ski Centers Primed pg.96
Snow Worshipers Conduct Easter Rites by Charles Lord pg.98
Mt. Tremblant pg.99
1956 Winter Sports Forum by Ed Newell pg.99
Central US Ski Association
Officers pg.100
President’s Message by F.A. Fetvedt pg.100
Finland’s Esso Mommo Sets Ishpeming Record pg.101
CUSSA Recreational Skiing pg.102
Skiing Popular in Chicago’s Loop by Winifred Watson pg.107
1956 CUSSA Cross Country Championships 
by Joyce Fitzgerald pg.107
CUSSA Club News pg.108
CUSSA Competitive Skiing 1956 by Walter Brock pg.109
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers pg.111
President’s Message by Richard Milstein pg.111
SRMSA Ski Resorts Ready for Biggest Season 
by Evelyn Runnette pg.112
SRMSA Annual Convention by Evelyn Runnette pg.113
Taos Deep Powder by Ernie Blake pg.115
SRMSA Roundup by Evelyn Runnette pg.114
SRMSA Club News pg.116
Santa Fe Basin Booms by Buzz Bainbridge pg.118
Near Drowning in New Kind of Ski Competition
By Daphne Bedford pg.119
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers pg.120
President’s Message by Harry Reinig, Jr. pg.120
Montana’s Slalom in the Sun pg.121
Northern Ski Areas Ready by George "Scotty" Gray pg.123
Pacific Northwest Ski Association
Officers pg.125
President’s Message by Robert St. Louis pg.125
Furry History of PNSA by Fred McNeil pg.126
PNSA Roundup by Bill Keil pg.128
Ski Club News by Hal Laman pg.129
Northwest Areas to Keep Heads Above Snow by Bill Keil pg.130
Washington’s Pigtail Peak Newest Ski Mecca by Bill Keil pg.131
How the Forest Service Helps N.W. Skiing by William Parke pg.132
Timberline Emerging from stormy Past by Bill Keil pg.133
(Intermountain section included in January Issue)
Far West Ski Association
Officers pg.135
President’s Message by Wesley Hadden pg.135
Expansion of Far West Skiing by Edward Johnson pg.136
China Peak Plans 1957-58 Opening pg.138
Canadian Amateur Ski Association
Officers pg.139
President’s Message by W.G. "Bud" Clark pg.139
Appendix pg.140
Advertiser’s Index pg.160

Eastern Ski Annual 1957
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association Frontispiece pg.7
President Roger Langley Photo by Dick Bell pg.8
President’s Message pg.9
Officers and Directors pg.10-14
Committees pg.15-16
Member Councils pg.17
Member Clubs pg.17-20
Executive Director’s Annual Report by Roger Peabody pg.21-25
Numberplate Photo by Enzo Serafini pg.26
Visual Aids Film List pg.27-28
Good Winter (Photo) pg.28
Free Lessons to USEASA Members pg.29
You, Too, Can Ski In Europe by Edwin Eaton pg.30-31
Downhill- Slalom Classification by Malcolm McLane pg.32-34
A New Jumping Hill or One Rebuilt by Edmund Couch pg.35-37
Uniform Tests by Charles Ryer pg.38-41
Northern New England Clubs Remiss by A. Warren Sandberg pg.41
Yosemite Powder Photo by Ron Partridge pg.42
They Is We by Roger Peabody pg.43-45
Anyone for Mah-Jong? By K.M. Chrysler pg.46-48
Ski Clubs and the Future of Skiing by J. Eliot Woodbridge pg.49-50
Snow Making’s Role in Skiing by William Walsh, Jr. pg.51-54
A Dream Come True by Roger Peabody pg.55-57
Out of the Woods and Onto the Slope by Edwin Taylor, Jr. pg.58-59
Something New at Moosilauke by Fred Hart, Jr. pg.60-63
Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association pg.63-64
The Webber Cup, the Willis Plate and the Wildcat by Fearing Pratt pg.65-70
Wildcat, a New, Major Area by George Macomber pg.71-72
The NE Intercollegiate Ski Conference by Don McBrien pg.73
Eastern Ski Area Directory pg.74-81
William J. Woods pg.82-83
Nathaniel L. Goodrich pg.84
National Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.85
Robert Johnstone- Photo by J.C. Macone pg.86
Officers and Directors pg.87
Vick New NSA Executive Secretary pg.88
NSA Supporting Membership pg.88
NSPS Purple Star Awards pg.89
America’s Fastest Growing Sport pg.89-90
Central US Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.91
President’s Message by Hans Hopf pg.91-92
Far West Ski Asscociation
Officers and Directors pg.93
President’s Message by Edward Johnson pg.93-95
FWSA, A Review by Bobbe Rumbaugh pg.96-97
Intermountain Ski Association
ISA, A Review by Suzanne Rytting pg.98-99
Pacific Northwestern Ski Associaton
Officers and Directors pg.99
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.100
President’s Message by Sverre Askevold pg.100-102
Fourth Annual High Road Race by G. Scotty Gray pg.102-104
Bridger Bowl Ski Area by Kay Widmer pg.104
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.105
President’s Message by Harold Horiuchi pg.105-107
Skiing in the Laurentians by Wallace Ward pg.108-110
Skiing in the Argentine by Heriberto Bohtlingk pg.111-112
National Ski Patrol System- Frontispiece pg.113
Officers pg.114
Written in the Stars by William Judd pg.115-118
Eastern Ski Patrol Activity by Robert Williams pg.119-120
A Look at Ski Accidents by Norman Osborne pg.121
Where a Break Can Make You President by John Hitchcock pg.121-123
On Physical Fitness by Frank Elkins pg.124-125
Skiers are More Fun than People by Jack Kenney pg.126-128
Conventions- Frontispiece by Dick bell pg.129
Bridgeport Address by Roger Langley pg.130-131
Bridgeport Convention pg.132-145
Timberline Address by Robert Johnstone pg.146-149
Timberline Convention by Evelyn Runnette pg.150-158
Watch Out for the Winter of 1958 by H.H. "Bill" Whitney pg.159-160
Awards- Frontispiece pg.161
Miller Trophy to Sterling pg.162
Ramapo Wins St. Louis Trophy pg.163
Penny Pitou Named Junior Skier of the Year pg.164-165
Belleayre Mountain Ski Club Wins Faski pg.165-166
The American Ski Hall of Fame by Harold Grinden pg.167-171
Russell Wilder Trophy pg.172
USEASA Safety Award pg.172
Long Island Press Trophy by Loraine Ward pg.173-174
International Competitions- Frontispiece pg.175
FIS Congress Makes Rules Changes by Roland Palmedo pg.176-179
The 1960 Winter Olympics by Alan Bartholemy pg.180-183
1958 FIS Cross Country and Nordic Combined 
by C. Allison Merrill pg.184-185
A Look at Our FIS Alpiners by George Macomber pg.185-187
The Europeans Are Still Winning the Big Races: Why?
By Robert Bourdon pg.188-190
1958 FIS Special Jumping by Chuck Warren pg.190-191
Skiing Can Find the Way by John J. Clair, Jr. pg.191-192
Competitions- Frontispiece by Robert Bourdon pg.193
Roch Cup pg.194-196
National Alpine pg.197-199
National 15km Cross Country pg.200-201
National 30km Cross Country pg.201
National Veterans Giant Slalom pg.202
North American Nordic pg.203-204
American Internationals pg.205
Harriman Cup pg.206-208
National Collegiates pg.209-213
North American Alpine pg.214-216
National Veterans Alpine pg.217-218
USEASA Women’s Giant Slalom pg.218
National Jump pg.219-221
International Cross Country pg.221
International Jump pg.222
USEASA Men’s B Giant Slalom pg.222-223
USEASA Junior I, II Nordic pg.223
USEASA 4x10km Cross Country Relay pg.224
National Junior Championships pg.225-232
USEASA Jr. I, II Alpine pg.233-234
Youthful Maine Ski Stars pg.235
USEASA Prep School Championships pg.236-238
USEASA Veterans Alpine pg.239-240
USEASA Nordic pg.240-241
USEASA Jr. III, IV Giant Slalom pg.242-243
USEASA Jr. I, II Giant Slalom pg.244-245
USEASA Interscholastics pg.245-247
Black Stag pg.248-249
Schedule of Competitions, 1957-58 pg.250-256
Editorial by Enzo Serafini pg.257
Pro Instructors’ Second Annual Clinic pg.xvii
Advertisers’ Index pg.xxviii

Eastern Ski Annual 1958
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.11
President Charles Daly- Photo by Bob Bourdon pg.12
President’s Message pg.12
Officers and Directors pg.14
Committees pg.19
Member Councils pg.21
Member Clubs pg.21
Certified Ski Teachers pg.26
Ski Jumping Judges pg.28
Amateur Instructors pg.31
Uniform Test Committee pg.34
Uniform Test Judges pg.34
Uniform Test Qualifiers pg.37
Race Classifications pg.43
Ski Schools Honoring Half-day Lesson pg.46
Class C Examiners pg.47
Visual Aids pg.49
Executive Director’s Report by Roger Peabody pg.53
Portland Convention pg.56
Progress in Ski Techniques Since 1900 by Spencer Wright pg.65
Tension by J. Duncan Campbell pg.72
Are Skiers Lunatics? By Red Carruthers pg.75
Why Not Collect Ski Cancellations? By Dorothy Gulick pg.77
Now, About the Cost of Skiing by John Hitchcock pg.80
The NE Intercollegiate Ski Conference by Robert Thompson pg.81
So You Want to Run a Ski Lodge? By Jack Kenney pg.85
Skiing, a Family Sport by Pat Harty pg.88
Ski Centers Paved with Mortgages by Arthur Draper pg.90
Another Warning About the Weather by H.H. "Bill" Whitney pg.93
Deadline by Michael Strauss pg.95
Skiing is Safe by Frank Elkins pg.97
What is a Skier? By Girtrud and Frank Ellis pg.98
Bernard Hansson pg.100
Karl Acker pg.101
Eastern Ski Area Directory pg.102
National Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.115
The National Convention by Warren Taylor pg.116
Executive Secretary’s Report on NSA by Warren Taylor pg.123
Alton C. Melville- Photo pg.124
Officers and Directors pg.124
Skiing for Everyone- Everyone for Skiing by Alton C. Melville pg.125
President’s Report for 1958 by Robert Johnstone pg.126
Warren Taylor Named NSA Executive Secretary pg.129
National Ski Hall of Fame pg.130
Central US Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.132
President’s Message by Graham Taylor pg.133
CUSSA Ski Instructors by Jimmy Johnston pg.136
A Report on Central by William Fellows pg.137
CUSSA Uniform Tests by Jimmy Johnston pg.139
CUSSA Scheduled Competitions 1958-59 pg.140
Milwaukee, 1959 NSA Convention Site by Harry Pflieger pg.141
Far West Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.142
President’s Message by Edward Johnson pg.142
America’s Youngest Mountaineer by Ben Rinaldo pg.144
Far West Ski Patrols by Ben Rinaldo pg.145
The FWSA Junior Program by Jack Murphy pg.147
Mammoth Mountain Training Camp by Chris Coughlin pg.148
Indian "Snow" Dance by Carolyn Williams pg.149
The Far West Ski Association: A Review 
by Barbara Rumbaugh pg.151
Intermountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.155
ISA Ski Instructors Association by Bill Lash pg.155
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.156
President’s Message by Sverre Askevold pg.156
NRMSA Activities, 1957-58 by G. Scotty Gray pg.161
Silver Run Ski Club Four Time Winner pg.163
T. Lee McCracken Wins Blegen Award pg.164
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.165
President’s Message by W.J. Everts, Jr. pg.165
Random Notes from PNSA by Gustav Raaum pg.166
Canadian Ski Association
Schedule of Competitions pg.166
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.167
SRMSA Roundup 1957-58 by Evelyn Runnette pg.167
Skiing in New Mexico by Michael Blake pg.175
SRMSA Member Clubs pg.177
Aspen by Jack Carson pg.178
The Summer in Chile by John Hitchcock pg.180
National Patrol System- Frontispiece pg.183
Another Year and 50,000 (?) More? By William Judd pg.184
Broken Bone Club Application Form pg.188
Eastern Ski Patrol by Robert Williams pg.189
The Skiers Assumption of Risk by Charles Minot Dole pg.191
American Ski Trophy pg.196
Robert St. Louis Trophy pg.197
Miller Trophy pg.197
NSPS Skiing Safety Trophy pg.198
Outstanding Junior Patrolman pg.199
Faski Trophy pg.200
Long Island PRESS Trophy pg.200
International Competitions- Frontispiece pg.201
World Alpine Championships pg.202
World Nordic Championships pg.207
Squaw Valley and the Winter Olympics by Robert Rubin pg.211
A Program for Future Olympians by James Ross pg.214
Competitions- Frontispiece: Billy Olson pg.217
Ladies’ International pg.218
National 15km Cross Country and Combined pg.219
National Collegiates pg.222
National Jumping pg.227
International Classic Combined pg.228
National 30km Cross Country pg.229
National Alpine pg.230
National Junior Championships pg.232
National Veterans’ Alpine pg.235
National Senior Giant Slalom pg.237
USEASA Veterans’ Alpine pg.238
USEASA 4x10km Cross Country Relay pg.239
USEASA Men’s Class B Giant Slalom pg.240
USEASA Class C Giant Slalom pg.240
USEASA Giant Slalom and Fiske Trophy pg.241
USEASA Jr. III, IV Giant Slalom pg.242
USEASA Prep School Championships pg.244
USEASA Jr. I, II Alpine pg.247
USEASA Men’s Alpine pg.251
USEASA Men’s Class B Alpine pg.252
USEASA Veterans’ Giant Slalom pg.253
USEASA Jr. I, II Nordic pg.253
Schedule of Competitions pg.256
Ski Safety Legislation in New Hampshire by Robert Monahan pg.265
Advertisers’ Index pg.272

Eastern Ski Annual 1959
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.11
President Charles Daly, Jr.- Photo by Bob Bourdon pg.12
President’s Message pg.12
Officers and Directors pg.14
Committees pg.20
Member Councils and Clubs pg.21
Certified Ski Teachers pg.26
Amateur Instructors pg.31
Uniform Tests Committees and Judges pg.34
Race Classifications pg.38
Ski Schools Honoring Half-day Free Lesson pg.41
Ski Jumping Judges pg.42
Visual Aids Film List pg.45
Atlantic City Convention pg.47
Executive Director’s Annual Report by Roger Peabody pg.50
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.53
President’s Message by Marion Whiting pg.53
Member Clubs pg.55
Beverly Anderson: A Profile by Jerry Gray pg.56
Bachelor Butte by Don Peters pg.59
Wenatchee Valley College by Elvin R. "Bob" Johnson pg.61
Washington State’s Safety Lift Code by Kenneth Hawkins pg.65
Fred H. McNeil by Bill Keil pg.66
PNSA Competition by Bill Tanler pg.67
Eastern Ski Area Directory pg.70
1959 and Ski Publicity by Red Carruthers pg.81
Hold Onto Your Hats for 1960 by H.H. "Bill" Whitney pg.82
Jumping Hill Certificates by Edmund Couch pg.84
Carnivals Are Not All Capers by John Hitchcock pg.86
The Truth About Ski Lodges by Jack Kenney pg.89
Family Skiing by Walter Patterson pg.91
Comet In the Sky: Torger Tokle by Erik Friis pg.93
Jumping: Modern Hills by Dave Bradley pg.95
The Head Heel- for the Very Young Skier by Francis Head pg.101
Let’s Talk Slalom by Paul Oliver pg.103
Eliminate the Combined by Ralph Miller, Jr. pg.106
The Mont Blanc Country—A Skier’s Paradise by Edwin Eaton pg.108
We Went to the Convention by Frank O’Brien pg.113
What, Me Go to Ski School? Pg.115
Skiing’s Yesterdays by Francis Head pg.117
Attending the Olympic Winter Games? By Lee Klein pg.125
Damon O’Neal pg.128
National Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.129
President’s Message by Alton Melville pg.130
Officers and Directors pg.131
The Milwaukee Convention by Warren Taylor pg.131
National Ski Hall of Fame pg.136
American Ski Trophy pg.143
All-American Ski Team pg.144
Central US Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.145
President’s Message by Graham Taylor pg.147
CUSSA Scheduled Competitions pg.149
Junior Skiing in the CUSSA by Arthur Huey pg.150
CUSSA Ski Instructors by Jimmy Johnston pg.152
1958 CUSSA Nordic Camp by Donald Nygaard pg.154
1960 CUSSA Olympic Fund Drive by Rolly Stebbins pg.155
Far West Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.156
President’s Message by Byron Nishkian pg.157
Far West Ski Patrol by Carolyn Williams pg.158
FWSA Roundup by Carolyn Williams pg.162
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.168
President’s Message by Chuck Hibbard pg.168
NRMSA Roundup by G. Scotty Gray pg. 169
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.173
President’s Message by Don Cotter pg.173
Southern Rocky Mountain Roundup by Evelyn Runnette pg.174
Skiing in Old and New Mexico by Gisela Lauenburg pg.182
Canadian Amateur Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.185
Canadian Skiing- 1960 by Chris Gribbin pg.185
Intermountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.186
Awards- Frontispiece pg.187
Dartmouth Takes Faski Trophy pg.188
S.C. of Washington, D.C. Wins Miller pg.189
Long Island PRESS Trophy pg.190
10th Mountain Division Memorial pg.190
Robert St. Louis Trophy pg.191
Junior Jumping Trophy pg.192
USEASA Safety Trophy pg.192
National Ski Patrol- Frontispiece pg.195
The Ski Patrol Story by William Judd pg.196
A Proposal to Reduce Ski Accidents by Daniel Lincoln pg.199
Eastern Ski Patrol by Wallace Keller pg.202
Doctors and Skis by John Hitchcock pg.203
Competitions- Frontispiece pg.205
Kate Smith pg.206
North American Alpine pg.207
National Jumping pg.211
Harriman Cup pg.212
North American 30km Cross Country pg.214
North American Special Jumping pg.216
US Olympic Jump Squad Qualifying Event pg.217
North American Combined Jump pg.218
North American 15 km Cross Country pg.219
North American Biathlon pg.220
National Alpine pg.223
National Classic Combined pg.226
International Jumping pg.228
Kiwanis Jumping pg.229
Ishpeming Ski Club Cross Country pg.229
National 30km Cross Country pg.230
National Junior Championships pg.230
National Collegiate pg.236
National Veteran Alpine pg.239
National Senior Giant Slalom pg.240
USEASA 4x10km Cross Country pg.241
USEASA Women’s Giant Slalom pg.241
USEASA Class B Alpine pg.242
USEASA Junior III, IV Giant Slalom pg.243
USEASA Junior I, II Nordic pg.245
USEASA Prep School Championships pg.247
USEASA Class B Giant Slalom pg.250
USEASA Junior I, II Alpine pg.251
USEASA Giant Slalom pg.255
USEASA Class C Giant Slalom pg.256
USEASA Alpine pg.256
USEASA Veteran Alpine pg.258
Schedule of Competitions pg.259
Advertisers’ Index pg.272

Ski Clubs Boom Throughout America by Thom Hook pg.11
The Making of an Olympic Team by Malcolm McLane pg.15
A Report on the Olympic Alpine Team by Amos Little, Jr. pg.18
National Ski Hall of Fame by Harold Grinden pg.20
Never Underestimate by Neva Glenn pg.22
Club Membership by Edward Belcher pg.24
National Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.25
Officers and Directors pg.26
52nd Annual NSA Convention pg.26
President’s Message by Sepp Ruschp pg.27
Central Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.28
A Review of CUSSA in 1959-60 by Graham Taylor pg.29
President’s Message by C. Rowland Stebbins pg.30
Far West Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.31
President’s Message by Byron Nishkian pg.32
Intermountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.33
President’s Message by Howard Hancock pg.33
Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.35
President’s Message by Dr. Charles Hibbard pg.35
NRMSA in 1959-60 by George Scotty Gray pg.36
Pacific Northwestern Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.38
PNSA Executive Director’s Report by M.E. Kebschull pg.38
Canadian Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.40
Canadian Skiing-1961 by Chris Gribbin pg.41
Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
Officers and Directors pg.42
The Year in Southern Rocky by Evelyn Runnette pg.42
US Eastern Amateur Ski Association- Frontispiece pg.49
Officers and Directors pg.50
Committees pg.51
President Charles Ryer pg.52
President’s Message pg.52
Member Councils and Clubs pg.54
Albany Convention pg.59
Executive Director’s Report by Roger Peabody pg.65
Certified Ski Teachers pg.69
How to Serve As An Eastern Representative
by Gloria Chadwick pg.73
Council Presidents by Conrad Manville pg.74
Finance by Erling Omland pg.75
Junior Recreational Skiing by John Bristow pg.76
Eastern’s Part in Recreational Skiing by Jewel Blankenship pg.77
Special Studies by Gerald Hilly pg.78
Ski Hill Engineering by Edmund Couch, Jr. pg.83
Amateur Instructors by Robert Snow pg.85
Uniform Test Program by Howard Twist pg.88
Class C Examiners pg.92
Ski Schools Honoring Half-day Free Lesson pg.93
Eligibility by George Macomber pg.94
Junior Competition by John Caldwell pg.94
Ski Jumping by Ben Bucko pg.94
Women’s Downhill-Slalom by Fred Neuberger pg.95
Race Classifications, 1960-61 pg.96
Ski Jumping Judges by Ben Bucko pg.100
Approved Ski Patrol by John King pg.101
Visual Aids Film List pg.102
Harry Wade Hicks, Melvin Jodrey pg.105
National Ski Patrol- Frontispiece pg.111
National Ski Patrol System by William Judd and
Carolyn Williams pg.112
Eastern Ski Patrol by Wallace Keller pg.114
The Olympic Ski Patrol by Thomas Ludwig pg.115
Ski Safely and Have More Fun pg.118
Competition- Frontispiece pg.119
National 15km Cross Country pg.120
National 30km Cross Country pg.120
National Alpine pg.121
Kiwanis International pg.123
National Jumping pg.124
National Classic Combined pg.125
Steamboat Springs International Jump pg.126
Roch Cup pg.127
Olympic Jumping Tryouts pg.128
VIII Olympic Winter Games pg.129
Harriman Cup pg.135
American Internationals pg.137
National Junior Nordic pg.140
National Junior Alpine pg.142
National Veteran Alpine pg.146
National Collegiate pg.147
National Senior Giant Slalom pg.150
USEASA Junior I, II Giant Slalom pg.151
USEASA 4x10km Cross Country pg.152
USEASA Veteran Giant Slalom pg.152
USEASA Junior Cross Country pg.153
USEASA Giant Slalom pg.153
USEASA Class C Giant Slalom pg.154
USEASA Jumping pg.155
USEASA Junior Nordic pg.156
USEASA Junior I, II Alpine pg.158
USEASA Veteran Alpine pg.162
USEASA Prep School Championship pg.162
USEASA Junior III, IV Giant Slalom pg.165
USEASA Class B Giant Slalom pg.167
USEASA 15km Cross Country and Nordic Combined pg.167
USEASA Alpine pg.168
Awards by Robert Aldous pg.174
Safety Trophy pg.99
Junior Jumping Trophy pg.176
Miller Trophy pg.176
Robert St. Louis Trophy pg.176
L.I. Press Trophy pg.177
Faski Trophy pg.177
All-American Ski Team pg.177
Eastern Ski Area Directory pg.178
Schedule of Competitions pg.189
Advertisers’ Index pg.200 

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