Historic Mountain dishes

  • Raclette: Slices of Raclette cheese are melted in small pans, then eaten with boiled potatoes, pickles and dried meats. 
  • Fondue Bourguignon, meat dipped in boiling butter and oil fat to cook, then in a Bearnaise sauce.
  • Tartiflette (aka Reblochonnade). Thinly sliced potatoes sautéed with bacon and onions, moistened with cream, laid over Reblochon cheese, then baked in oven.
  • Kasnoken (spaetzle with melted cheese.)
  • Farcement, a Savoyard dish. Potato cake with bacon, raisins, prunes.
  • Diots a la Braise. Sausage made up of pork and vegetables and cooked in embers of a wood fire. Served with fried polenta.
  • Civet de Chamois des Alpes. Marinated chunks of mountain goat meat, melted lard, carrots, onions, crème fraiche. Fried and then cooked in oven at low temperature.
  • Classic Apfel Strudel.