Corey Engen, Alta hall-of-famer

Corey Engen
Passing Date:

Corey Engen, 90 Last of the legendary Engen brothers Corey Engen, was the youngest of three Norwegian Engen brothers. After a successful career as a nordic competitor in Norway, Engen brought his widowed mother to Utah in 1932, following his brothers Alf and Sverre. He quickly mastered alpine...

Jack Kurlander, New Jersey ski resort builder

Jack Kurlander
Passing Date:

Jack Kurlander, 76 New Jersey’s resort pioneer Jack Kurlander, 76, founder of the Great Gorge and Hidden Valley resorts in New Jersey, suffered a fatal heart attack on April 24, 2006. Kurlander, a successful real estate developer, also launched several golf courses and the Crystal Springs Spa. His...

Doug Coombs, 1st extreme skiing champion

Doug Coombs
Passing Date:

Extreme skiing pioneer and mountain guide killed in a cliff fall in France. Doug Coombs, 48, was killed in a cliff fall while guiding in France on April 3, 2006. Coombs was a hero of the extreme skiing movement. He first came to national prominence in 1991, as winner of the first US Extreme Skiing...