Volume 28, No. 4 July-August 2016

Vol. 28 No. 4 - July|August 2016
On the Cover: 

A Ford automobile on the Arlberg Pass in Austria in 1953, surrounded by 20-foot-high walls of snow. Photograph by Hans Truöl; for information and more images, see “Magnificent Monochrome” on page 16. Image courtesy Hans Truöl Archives and

16 Magnificent Monochrome
In iconic black-and-white images, ski photographer Hans Truöl (1920–1981) captured the world’s top alpine racers and dramatic mountain landscapes. BY KATHLEEN JAMES
22 Aspen’s Wild Ride
For a dozen years, Denver billionaire and Hollywood heavyweight Marvin Davis owned the Aspen Skiing Company. BY JAY COWAN
25 The Dating Game
From May to March to late January, the long-running argument over the optimal date for the SnowSports Industries America annual trade show is a reflection of an ever-changing market. BY JACKSON HOGEN
3 Readers Respond
Summer skiing, then and now; turned off by modern mountain music.
5 Short Turns
An ode to Maine’s small ski hills, in search of FIS alpine-racing rule books, ski art of Johannes Troyer.
6 Snapshots from
Years Ago Praise the Lord (1998), Chicago to Sun Valley by rail (1959), bested twice by Birger Ruud (1936).
10 Where Are They Now?
Pepi Stiegler, longtime Jackson Hole ski-school director and Olympic champion, is on the mend after a lifethreatening fall at his Wyoming home. BY WADE MCKOY
13 Resorts Then and Now
The Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Vermont, once a “crazy idea,” has become a world-class cross-country training and recreational venue. BY PEGGY SHINN
21 Timeless Tips
Though your instincts may say otherwise, leaning away from the hill is the best way to keep your balance. BY RON LEMASTER
28 News from ISHA
Audience booms for ISHA Website and Facebook page; ISHA member Paul Mathews of Ecosign has designed or improved more than 500 resorts around the world.
30 Commentary
More than 40 years after six top racers were kicked off the French national team, bitter feelings still linger. BY JOHN FRY
33 Remembering
Farewell to ski pioneers Sven Wiik, John Woodward, Greg Needell, Dana Andersen, Sabin Abell, Doug Pensinger, Bob Arnott and Edward Siegel.
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