Volume 26, No. 5 September-October 2014

On the Cover: 

This iconic Swiss travel poster was created in 1937 by graphic designer Walter Herdeg. In this issue of Skiing History, historian Karin Rase examines the role of poster art in selling vacations in the Alps during the early 20th century; see page 14. Copyright: Marcel Herdeg, Zurich, Switzerland / photo courtesy of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich poster collection


11 Intermountain Archives
With thousands of photos, articles, film and video clips and ski resort records, the Utah Ski Archives in Salt Lake City documents the history of the sport across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. By Mike Korologos

14 High Alpine Art
In the early 1900s, images of mountains—seen as stylized summits or sparkling playgrounds—were used to sell vacations in the Alps. By Karin Rase

19 Ski Area Survivor
Mount Baker, Washington: From a 1930s movie backdrop to the site of today’s popular snowboard race, this snowbound ski area’s fortunes have risen and fallen through the decades. By Jeff Leich


3 Readers Respond
Fun facts for the Herman Gollner file; snowmobile conflict in the backcountry; more Van Cortlandt Park memories.

5 Short Turns
SIA celebrates 60 years; Park City purchase is a big step for long-awaited Interconnect; hassle-saving boot device with special price for ISHA members. Plus: News from the U.S. Hall of Fame and Utah’s Alf Engen museum. 

6 Snapshots in Time
No one will be skiing in ten years (1989); the Winterstick “snow surfboard” (1974); ski champ Toni Spiess doubles as a grocery store clerk.

9 Where Are They Now?
Tommy Moe: From Jackson Hole to Alaska, the former Olympic downhill champ now makes a living as a mountain and river guide. By Edith Thys Morgan

22 Timeless Tips
Terrain-based learning, the new instruction trend, is based on a decades-old idea. By Seth Masia

23 Ski Memories
During a chance encounter in a British pub in 1957, Sir Arnold Lunn delivered a privileged lesson. By Bill Briggs

25 Where Are They Now?
John Caldwell: The father of U.S. cross-country skiing is also the father—and grandfather—of two Winter Olympians. By Peggy Shinn

27 Media Review
Climb to Glory, a new film about the 10th Mountain Division, is a laudable project with a flawed view of history. Plus: In his memoir Escape Home, Charlie Paterson recalls his years in Aspen at the Boomerang Lodge.

29 Remembering
Karl Molitor, Noldi Beck, Peggy Johannsen Austin, Henry Laughlin, Erling Omland

31 Skiing History Week

32 Ads from the Past

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