USSA History

We, here at the national headquarters of the United States Ski Association and Hall of Fame officials, have long felt the need for a book which would contain an early history of our organization along with a record of the achievements of the people who have shaped our growth.

With the encouragement and help of the late Burton Boyum, past curator of the National Ski Hall of Fame; the late Harold Grinden, Chairman of the Hall of Fame; I have tried to fulfill this need.  Here you will find histories of the various divisions of the USSA, listings of past officers and directors, list of awards, honors and records, and sources of ski information.  It is our intention to issue a supplement each year to keep this material up to date.

We know that this book will help us tremendously in our day to day work here in the office.  Each day brings inquiries by phone and mail for some of the information you will find here.

We feel that the many hours spent compiling and editing this information will be worthwhile if it will also help ou and give you a better understanding of the persons and events that have shaped the history of skiing in the United States.

Attached is the full document in PDF form.  -- Gloria Chadwick, 1970.