Timeline of Early U.S. Ski Periodicals

By Seth Masia

1905-1933 Lake Placid Club Lake Placid Club Notes, annual, the first U.S. ski periodical, published by the Lake Placid Club Lake Placid, NY; Lake Placid Club News issued periodically in parallel 1927-1930

1906-1924 NSA Year Book, published annually and The Ski Sport published periodically—no issues of either for 1916-18

1925-1929 United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association Bulletin, became USEASA Echoes in 1927, published by the United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association (USEASA) in Bellow Falls, Vt.

1930-42 The National Skiing Weekly; began as The Ski Bulletin in 1930, changed to National Skiing Weekly in 1936, edited by Park Carpenter head of skiing affairs for the AMC

1934-1957 American Ski Annual started as The U. S. Eastern Ski Annual in 1934, changed to American Ski Annual in 1935, as official organ of NSA.

1936-1939 Western Skier 18 issues a season, Pullyup, Washingotn

1936-1948 Ski Illustrated started as Ski-Winter Sports Magazine, published by Alf Nydin in Seattle, changed to Ski Illustrated the first year, was moved to New York then bought by Eldred in 1948, combined into Ski .

1939-1948 Ski News, formerly Empire Ski News (formerly GE Ski News?), published by Bill Eldred in Schenectady, became Ski in 1948 when combined with Western Skiing, and Ski Illustrated

1947-48 Western Skiing, bought at the end of its second year by Eldred, combined into Ski

1948-2000 Ski Magazine, combining Ski News, Western Skiing, Skiing Illustrated published in Hanover, NH until moved to NYC in 1961

1948-2000 Skiing Magazine, begun by Merrill Hastings as Rocky Mountain News, changed to the National Skiing Newspaper in 1950, National Skiing in 1954 and Skiing in 1956.

1949-1961 Eastern Ski Bulletin, published monthly by USEASA, begun as USEASA Skier in 1949, edited by Enzo Serafini, changed to Eastern Ski Bulletin in 1955.

1951-1957 Skiing Journal, three to four issues a year published as supplements to the American Ski Annual

1957-1961 Eastern Ski Annual published by USEASA after the last American Ski Annual was published in 1957

1958-1961 Ski Life, published in New York City by Universal Publishing, combined by Universal with Ski in 1961

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