To preserve skiing history and increase awareness of the sport’s heritage.

Donating money to the International Skiing History Association (ISHA) enables you to furnish direct financial aid for preserving the history of the sport you love. ISHA plays a unique role in fostering greater public interest in ski history. We publish a magazine enthusiastically read six times a year by subscribers, researchers, hall-of-fame members and skiers around the world. We make ski history accessible to tens of thousands of enthusiasts on the Internet. We present annual awards to ski history writers, website creators, filmmakers and broadcasters.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, ISHA has completed a variety of projects making the sport’s dynamic history more accessible. We’ve used gifts to pay for the re-design of our website, including access to all of the original pages of all the issues of the award-winning New York Times Snow Country Magazine, as well as all of the issues of Skiing Heritage up to 2011. A gift from the International Ski Federation (FIS) made it possible to update information about all of the world’s ski museums and historical societies. We’ve streamlined ways to conduct research at our website, and made it easy to start or renew ISHA membership on-line. Your support enables us to publish eye-catching historic pictures celebrating the work of photographers like Ray Atkeson, Hubert Schriebl, Barry Stott, Fred Lindholm, Fletcher Manley, Peter Miller.

Funds donated to ISHA make it possible to operate an annual program of awards to people recording the sport’s history. We have honored authors of new resort history books, the maker of a controversial German film documentary, a French historian, and America’s Bob Beattie for his 40 years of ski racing television work.

Donations are fully tax-deductible. The International Skiing History Association is qualified as a 501(c)(3) corporation. 


  • Become a member.  Join online, or phone 906.486.4570. Add a tax-deductible donation on top of your annual membership dues.
  • Give a membership to a friend. Gift subscription online (Gift includes a subscription to Skiing History Magazine).
  • Make an outright donation. You don’t have to join. Go to and make a donation by credit card.
  • In memory of others. We loved them, and admired them. Now they're gone. Contribute to ISHA in the memory of a long-time loved one, acquaintance or skiing friend.
  • Bequest. Name the International Skiing History Association as a beneficiary in your will or trust, the gift of a lifetime to the sport you love. . . a painless, tax-beneficial way to ensure the continuation of ISHA's mission.
  • Make an Endowment. The late Rigo Thurmer’s love of ski history led to an ISHA endowment now valued at more then a hundred thousand dollars, yielding income to publish Skiing History. ISHA is presently seeking an endowment, with naming rights, to sustain its annual Awards Program. 
  • Give Stock. Gifts of securities to ISHA can be a smart financial move. By contributing securities instead of cash, you gain a tax advantage through claiming the full market value of the securities as a tax deduction, while you owe no tax on the capital gains in the stock you give. 
  • Encourage Your Employer to be a Sponsor. Nearly 50 organizations  -- resorts, ski equipment and clothing makers, importers, and suppliers to the industry – are ISHA corporate sponsors. It’s an ideal way for a company to associate its name with the rich history of the sport. Corporate sponsor names are published in each issue of Skiing History, and sponsors at the $1,000-level can advertise at the world’s most visited ski history website, For information on becoming a corporate sponsor, call Dick Cutler at 203.354.2217.    

By supporting ISHA you become a steward of skiing’s historical record.

Yes! I want to join Jean Claude Killy, Billy Kidd, and other ISHA members who support ISHA’s mission to preserve skiing history and increase awareness of the sport’s heritage!

  • ISHA Pinnacle Club $10,000 or more
  • Chairman’s Circle $5,000 – $9,999
  • Presidential Circle $2,000 – $4,999
  • History Leader $1,000 – $1.999
  • Gold Medalist $500 – $999
  • Silver Medalist $100 – $499 
  • Bronze Medalist up to $100