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L'hiver de Killy, jamais égalisé

Killy gagne le descente Wengen

Sa saison 1967 est un plus grand exploit que son triplé olympique. Dans une interview exclusive, Jean-Claude Killy se souvient de la première saison de la Coupe du monde, il ya 50 ans, quand il a remporté 12 des 17 courses, y compris toutes les descentes, et a terminé sur le podium dans 89% des courses qu'il a entrées, un record qui n'a jamais été surpassé.

Interview de Yves Perret, Skiing History Magazine, 2017.

Shiffrin is Fifth American to win Overall World Cup

Mikaela Shiffrin with Nancy Greene Raine

Mikaela Shiffrin on Sunday celebrated her first Overall World Cup Championship, at the culmination of the 50th World Cup Finals in Aspen. She is the fifth American to win the overall globe, following Tamara McKinney, Phil Mahre, Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn.

At age 22, Shiffrin is already the three-time world champion in slalom and four-time World Cup champion in slalom. 

Vonn is Back: Hard-Earned Tears

Vonn victorious at Garmisch.

By Tom Kelly

Over the past decade, Lindsey Vonn has established herself as one of the world's most notable athletes. People on the street know Lindsey Vonn. They recognize her as an accomplished ski racer and cultural hero of her time - a glamorous woman whose image has graced every level of global media.

What they don't see is the Lindsey Vonn who spends six to eight hours in the gym every day -  sweating and toiling to tone her 32-year-old body to accomplish things never before achieved in her sport. And with each painful injury, that work becomes harder.

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