After Sochi, What?

Sochi Olympic Cauldron

Pondering the environmental impact and future of the costly Winter Olympics.

By John Fry

The organization of the recent Sochi Olympics was superb, and it’s no historical exaggeration to say that the staging of the competitions may have been the best of any Winter Games. When it comes to organizing mass events, there’s something to be said for autocracies, or $50-billion kleptocracies like Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Greatest Racers: Olympics sort out the best

Toni Sailer in 1956
Who are the greatest racers? Look to the Olympics for the skiers able to 
conquer pressure. 
By John Fry
With 48 homers and 130 runs batted in, New York Yankees third 
baseman Alex Rodriguez was arguably baseball’s best player during the 2005 
season, notwithstanding how he did it. But once in the playoffs, over a time 
span roughly equal to that of the Olympic Winter Games, Rodriguez was a no-
hit flop. 
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