Snow Country Index

Subject Subject 2 Title Author First Name Author Last Name Date Page Department
Snowboard Camps (Oxygen) at Whistler February & March 1997 Up For Air Jan. 97 26 Datebook
Snowboard Championship in Vt. Media outnumbered racers Success By The Numbers Summer 96 10 Mountain Living
Snowboard championships April/May 90 13 Datebook
Snowboard Champshp., March 15, 96 Mt. Snow, Vt. Boarding's Best Mar-96 29 Datebook
Snowboard Clinic at Buttermilk Board Out of Your Mind Festival Board At Buttermilk Dec-95 31 Datebook
Snowboard Equipment Test Results Snowboard Gear Jan/Feb 94 114
Snowboard etiquette/rules Mar/April 92 16 Datebook
Snowboard Park: Bear Mt., CA Design Winner: Unusual Special Project Gold-Medal Winner J/A 94 70
Snowboard shop loans gear to seniors Seniors: anyone over 45 Young Fogeys Dec-96 26 Mountain Living
Snowboard Slalom at Mt. Baker, Wash. Legendary Banked Slalom Rad Riding Recipe Dec-94 21 Datebook
Snowboarder lost last spring for 3 nights Mount Hood, OR: boarder slept in snow cave Youthful aplomb Oct. 97 27 Mountain Living
Snowboarder w. blue hair, car accident Seth Daniel Morrison Red, White And True Blue Spring 96 11 Mountain Living
Snowboarders letters to editor Were Snowboarders Wrongly Abused? Jan/Feb 94 12 Postmark
Snowboarders statistics Oct-92 134 It's A Fact
Snowboarders vs. Skiers in Utah Nick Badami & Maria McNulty interviews Searching For A Truce? Oct-94 154
Snowboarders: 52.2% skiers nervous Skiers nervous around snowboarders Jan-96 22 It's A Fact
Snowboarders: Gender comparison to skier # of male boarders vs. # of male skiers It's A Fact Oct-95 28 Mountain Living
Snowboarding-Tommy Moe's nephew U.S. Snowboarding Team Member Mo' Moe Sep-94 14 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding allowed on key mts. Park City, Alpine Meadows Endangered Species Summer 96 9 Mountain Living
Snowboarding at Olympics IOC President's request Go for the Gold, Dudes Dec-94 28 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding at Park City-Utah Olympics No snowboarding policy at Park City Olympic Riding in no-boarding Zone Dec-95 24 Mountain Living
Snowboarding Buyer's Guide Board testing for '96-'97 Snowboarding Buyer's Guide Nov. 96 153
Snowboarding Clinics for women Snowboarding's Feminine Side Jan/Feb 94 18 Datebook
Snowboarding clothing affiliates Skiwear manufacturers On-slope Aliases Dec-95 22 Mountain Living
Snowboarding Director/U.S. Ski Assoc. Wild Woman Jan/Feb 94 42 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding in Florida, Super Bowl Gala Shaved-ice halfpipe Boarding Miami Beach Spring 95 12 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding in the Olympics Q & A Quote by 12-yr old snowboard separatist Spring 96 11 Mountain Living
Snowboarding Instruction starting, stopping, riding, edging Building the 4 Basics Oct-95 19 S.C. Rider
Snowboarding joke by Dave Barry Nov. 95 19 Mountain Living
Snowboarding participation in Midwest Participation up 34% It's A Fact Nov. 95 19 Mountain Living
Snowboarding statistics, ski areas Oct-91 34 Mountain Trends
Snowboarding vs. ski injuries Jul/Aug 92 111 It'a A Fact
Snowboarding, FIS, ISF controversy Olympic snowboard team The Fight for Boarding's Soul M/A 94 9 Datebook
Snowboarding, mts. that don't permit it Snowboarders Needn't Look Far For A Hill M/A 94 40 It's A Fact
Snowboarding, SIA's $50K promotion Burton claims more riders by year 2012 Breeding Snowboarders Jan-95 22 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding/Mechanical bull version Craig Kelly in Australia Urban Boarder Oct-94 23 Mountain Ear
Snowboarding: Special Clothing Features Adrenaline-Runnerup in Design awards Dressing the Part Oct-95 31 S.C. Rider
Snowboarding: 7 and 3 yr-old kids Sponsored by Avalanche Tiny Riders Nov-96 22 Mountain Living
Snowboarding: Buying Equipmemt Freestyle, All-Mt., Alpine What Gear Should You Buy Oct-95 26 S.C. Rider
Snowboarding: Lessons, trips for over 35 Over the Hill Gang: aged 35-and-older Boarders in the Sunset Nov-95 36 Datebook
Snowboarding: Managers at resorts 81% resort management now snowboard Dec. 96 28 It's A Fact
Snowboarding: Renting the Equipment Tips on renting the right equipment How to Rent the Right Stuff Oct-95 12 S. C. Rider
Snowboarding: Riding Style Categories Alpine, freestyle, freerdng, freecarving Oct-95 8 S.C. Rider
Snowboarding: S. C. Rider Insert Oct-95 165
Snowboarding: S.C. Best Boards-'96/'96 Results of Snowboard Testing S.C.'s Best All-Mt. Boards Oct-95 26 S.C. Rider
Snowboarding: Why People Do It Reasons Why People Take Up Snowboarding Dec-94 168 It's A Fact
Snowboarding's FIS & ISF competitions U.S. Snwbd Grand Prix as olympic trials Tenuous Truce Dec-96 23 Mountain Living
Snowboards vs. skis, which is faster? Jan/Feb 91 66
Snowbowl, California Big Mountains, Small Crowds Dec-91 75
Snowfall Amount relative to Skier Visits Chart showing Northeast vs. Pacific West Going Where It's Snowing Oct-95 19 Mountain Living