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Skiing History, published bimonthly, is the world’s most widely circulated magazine about the sport’s past. It features once-popular equipment; historic resorts and bars you can visit now; what famous living skiers are doing now; and more.

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SKIING HISTORY (formerly Skiing Heritage) is the bimonthly journal of the International Skiing History Association. Partners: U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, Canadian Ski Museum and Hall of Fame...

Sample Articles from Current Edition

Remember the Hotel St. Bernard

By Seth Masia

Joe Jones, Founder of Seattle's Four Seasons Ski club

By Kirby Gilbert Football star and broadcaster turned ski-school director and promoter.

The Age of Locke

By Lori Knowles Charlie Locke's wild ride as one of Canada's few remaining independent ski area owners

Sample Articles from Previous Editions

Jeff Blumenfeld

Jeff Blumenfeld, a regular contributor to this magazine and since 2017 our vice-president for communication, needs a kidney from a healthy live donor. Jeff has worked in the ski business since 1972,...

Klaus Obermeyer

Member Profile: Klaus Obermeyer, who celebrated his 100th birthday on December 2, 2019, embodies skiing’s history in the 20th century. Klaus was raised in Oberstaufen, Bavaria, hard up against the...

A Dusty Passion: Collecting Books

By Seth Masia There's a thin line between avid reader and dedicated bibliophile. The oldest known informed account of skiing for European readers was written by Olof Månsson, a Catholic prelate...

Hermann Maier: The Herminator at 50--Happily Ever After

 A force of nature on the racecourse, Hermann Maier now enjoys a slower way of life. By Patrick Lang Austrian Hermann Maier is such an outsize presence in our memory that it’s hard to wrap one’s...