Our Histories encompass speed-skiing records since the mid-1800s to 2000, plus a century-and-a-half Timeline of Important Ski History Dates. As a work in progress, the list of ISHA historical resources is constantly growing, as our archive expands and updates. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know by joining ISHA’s Facebook page

Rudolf Lettner and the Steel Edge

An obscure Austrian accountant invented the steel edge in order to save lives. Racers found it more valuable for winning gold medals. Rudolf Lettner, an office worker who liked to ski, invented a...

The Sheik From Up North

In 1977, a fake sheik fooled the crowds — and the press — at Winter Park. In the winter of 1977, a pro-am charity race atWinter Park,Colorado, made international headlines for its unexpected...