By John Fry

1928: WILDERNESS ADVENTURE. Our Assiniboine lodge in the Canadian Rockies was the first in North America to provide open above-timberline skiing such as only Europe could boast of at the time. In 1928 the Marquis Albizzi and I brought our first group of skiers to Assiniboine. We enjoyed 17 days of straight sunshine and snow that none of us has found anywhere in the world, before or since. -- Erling Strom, March 1957 SKI Magazine.

1938: AS IF THERE WEREN’T ENOUGH REASONS TO HATE HITLERHitler was dismissive of the supposed joys of winter Alpine life, and in particular the attraction of skiing --- “What pleasure can there be in prolonging the horrible winter artificially by staying in the mountains.  If I had my way I'd forbid these sports, with all the accidents people have doing them." David Faber, p. 252, “Munich, 1938” published 2008 by Simon & Schuster.

1948: GO TO EUROPE, SKI CHEAP. A lure for Americans with the time and money to cross the Atlantic is the highly favorable position of the U.S. dollar in the world money marts. In Austria’s Vorarlberg region, one inn is quoting room and meals at $3.25 a day. -- December 15, 1948 SKI Magazine.

1958: CORRECT LENGTH FOR SKIS. Recommended length of ski for a man 5’10” in height is 7 feet (215 cms.). For a woman of 5’4” ski length should be 6 feet 3 inches (190 cms.) – October 1958 SKI Magazine.

1963: SING AS YOU SKI. If you want to know what skiing will do for your skiing, sing something rhythmic. The beat of your song should come at the moment of maximum edging. For a slow wedel, try the beat of Tea for Two. For a faster wedel, try Swedish Rhapsody. For mambo, try Never on Sunday. If that makes you go too fast, switch to My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean. -- Ski Pointer by Jack Irwin, March 1963, SKI Magazine.

1964: THE TOUGH AMERICANS. In advance of the 1964 Innsbruck Olympics, the aim of Alpine Coach Bob Beattie is to take to Europe a team that is not only strong physically, but a group emotionally wedded to the idea of winning. Less than this he will not be content with. – Martin Luray, November 1963 SKI Magazine.

1988: LIFT TICKET PRICES. A one-day pass for Aspen Mountain this winter is $35, up 20 percent from a year ago. Other lift ticket prices: Vail and Killington -- $32. Alta -- $16. Boyne -- $25. – Premier issue of the new magazine Snow Country, March 1988.

1988: NEW DIRECTIONS FOR THE SPORT. Skiing has been saddled with a legacy of litigation. Quit arresting young skiers who do inverted aerials. A new set of tricks has evolved because of snowboarding. Go to the terrain park and the halfpipe, and watch the new directions of our sport. – Michael Jaquet, November 1988, Ski Area Management.